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'A Mighty Wind' marks a new direction for Guest

(05/12/03 9:00am)

Since making a documentary-style short for "Saturday Night Live" about a male synchronized swimming team, Christopher Guest has become the master of a genre of film that has come to be known as the mockumentary. But Guest has never been comfortable with that term, saying in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, "I hope that what people get out of this is a view of human behavior."

A Gap in the Generations

(05/12/03 9:00am)

The war in Iraq is effectively over, but the question of whether it was justified still provokes divisions in our society. While most people have made up their own minds by this point, there is no societal consensus. Interestingly, opinions about the war tend to vary along generational lines. Most of the demonstrations in Washington, D.C. opposing the war were led by activists of the Vietnam era, while my generation and the World War II generation held a different view of the good that could come from using force. There was an element of choice in this war against Iraq. As such, questions of trust in George W. Bush were of the utmost importance. I couldn't help but notice that my generation and my grandparents' generation were generally far more trusting of his leadership and honesty than that of my parents and professors. There is a generation gap in the trust of government and in the just use of force. Time will demonstrate which perspective is more accurate, but I feel reasonably confident that our faith in him is justified.

The Loss of a Program

(05/12/03 9:00am)

In his 1998 Inauguration Address, Dartmouth President James Wright noted that "interdisciplinary work is strong here, and, in part because of our size, we can make it stronger." In earlier remarks to the Dartmouth community, President Wright expressed similar sentiments, noting that Dart-mouth "is a place that is marked by flexibility, by a sense of community and by full opportunities for interdisciplinary work bridging not only arts and sciences departments but also including the strong programs we have developed in the professional schools."

So Much Ado ...

(05/12/03 9:00am)

There's been a lot of dialogue lately about gender, about behavior and innate dispositions and, in essence, the consequences of human biology and evolution on modern-day gender issues. There have been columns defending behavior as biologically hardwired and responses all but denying the existence of gender. From what I have read, they have all been fundamentally misguided.

Tree houses remain unpopular, River Apts. first to go

(05/12/03 9:00am)

The Office of Residential Life wrapped up room draw for the Fall term last week, leaving many rising sophomores "homeless" for the moment. ORL could not give an exact count of the number of students who are now on the waitlist, but expects the number to be similar to last year's level of between 300 and 400, Director of Undergraduate Housing Rachael Class-Giguere said.

Tues. vote reflects strains in town-gown relations

(05/12/03 9:00am)

If history repeats itself again this fall, about 150 members of the Class of 2006 will give up on the waiting list and move to off-campus housing. Where and how these students should be housed is part of a complex conflict between Hanover citizens in areas of the town heavily populated with students, townspeople living north of campus, the College and the student body, that will come to a head at the annual Hanover town meeting on May 13.

Wagoner on Wheels

(05/09/03 9:00am)

Sniff, sniff. Something stinks. America's skies are more polluted than Chi Gam's basement. Driving accounts for 30 percent of the total air pollution in America. Detroit, we have a problem. I wanted to see what the top carmaker in Detroit thought about the future of fuel-efficient cars, namely hybrid cars. Mr. Rick Wagoner, Chairman and CEO of General Motors (the largest auto manufacturer and second largest company in America), was kind enough to sit down with me and answer a few questions about the future of cars.

Joys of Room Draw

(05/09/03 9:00am)

It is that time in the spring again -- time to "choose" where we will live next year. That's right -- it's time for the frustration that is room draw. Believe it or not, I feel that the lottery system is the fairest option available. And this is coming from someone who has had his number in the latter half of the class each year. During my first room draw, I managed to luck out with the third to last room on campus -- thanks to my roommate's number. This was before the Tree Houses were built.