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First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage

(11/24/03 11:00am)

This week, Massachusetts became the first state to finally catch up with the changing tides of society when its highest court ruled that same-sex marriages are constitutional. This decision, which orders the Massachusetts state legislature to alter legislation in order to make same-sex marriages possible, is clearly a lightning rod of controversy that has polarized people all along the ideological spectrum. Gays and most liberals have understandably hailed the decision as a breakthrough for homosexual rights, while the majority of conservatives and the religious right have fervently denounced it as an affront to the institution of marriage.

Finding Community

(11/24/03 11:00am)

This College has a bad habit of overusing the word "community" to give people warm, fuzzy feelings of group solidarity. Student groups have community dinners. Dorms have community directors. Collis holds a weekly "Community Hour." The student handbook lays out a "Principle of Community" for the whole campus. The word "community" is like an overused teabag that has lost its flavor. We keep hanging the teabag out to dry so that others can use it for yet another soak at the next event.

Non-citizen students face entry restrictions

(11/24/03 11:00am)

After Sept. 11, the United States government imposed a set of special registration requirements that typically apply to non-citizens whose nations of origin are countries that have been listed as a security threats to the United States. According to Advisor to International Students and Scholars Robin Catmur, many international students continue to approach her every day, concerned about how these post-Sept. 11 registration requirements may affect them.

Swim team in strong form

(11/24/03 11:00am)

Every so often, we seem to hear about a person literally brought back from the dead. Flat lining on the operating table, a shot of adrenaline or jolt of electricity tears the deceased corpse from the clutches of death and returns him or her among the living. Upon recovery, the person remarks that his perspective on the world has changed; every moment must be treasured, and every challenge must be met with maximum effort.

A Women's Issue? A Political Issue? A Human Issue

(11/21/03 11:00am)

Sometimes things happen that open our eyes to issues we consider only when they touch us individually. "Drugged on Campus," a story in the most recent issue of The Dartmouth Free Press, combined with various student and administrative responses to it have done this, I think. "Jane's" choice to speak out has engendered increased awareness, difficult questions and challenging opportunities for us all.

Accepting Our Label

(11/21/03 11:00am)

Since President Bush and Co. recently announced that they were turning over to Iraqis increased security and governing responsibility , there have been several ominous developments that have deepened my anxiety over this Iraq calamity (for lack of a more objective term). To begin with, amid a wave of anti-American attacks the enigmatic Trent Lott dropped this little sound bite: "Honestly, it's a little tougher than I thought it was going to be [in reference to Iraq]." Then he added, "If we have to, we just mow the whole place down and see what happens." Holy crap! I know the contention that sometimes in order to pick yourself up, or in this case to resurrect a massive nation rebuilding project, you have to hit rock bottom first. But Lott's quote is a tad bit inhumane and obtuse for my endorsement.

Stalled at the Station ...

(11/21/03 11:00am)

The Student Assembly's primary purpose is to rally the student body behind a cause. They demonstrated this power in working to preserve the College's swim team over interim last December. A disappointing lack of this type of focused campaign has plagued the Assembly's agenda this term, resulting in few substantial accomplishments to the benefit of Dartmouth's students.

What does it mean to be a woman at Dartmouth in 2003?

(11/21/03 11:00am)

Dartmouth College opened its doors to women in 1972, and has graduated thousands of women since. The Dartmouth talked to three College women to try to gain an understanding of what life is like for them as women of Dartmouth. Tsering Kheyap '04, Kiva Wilson '04 and Emilie Fetscher '03, Thayer '04, all shared their individual experiences.

Women appear underrepresented in campus politics

(11/21/03 11:00am)

Students interested in the Democratic primary took part in a mock primary debate in late September that drew attention for a reason that had nothing to do with what they said. Students debated from the viewpoints of all of the candidates for the presidential nomination -- yet all of the participating debaters and the moderator were men. The lack of women at the debate touched off a well of controversy about the lack of female representation in campus political groups and discussions.