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Thwarting Progress

(10/29/03 11:00am)

You've never heard of Bob Thompson, and it's a shame. America ought to laud Bob Thompson as a hero: he's a retired entrepreneur who tried to donate almost a quarter billion dollars to improve education in inner-city Detroit. For this, he deserves praise and laurels. Instead, Thompson was run out of town by Detroit's teachers' union. Try to imagine that for a moment -- it's so astoundingly petty, and so hurtful, not just to Thompson, but to the children he tried to help.

A Dartmouth success story hits the trail

(10/29/03 11:00am)

When James Kaiser '99 graduated with an engineering major, he had neither a job nor aspirations of attending medical or law school. With money he had made trading internet stocks during his undergraduate years, Kaiser decided to enter the business of self-publishing travel guides. He founded Destination Press and is now author of the two bestselling travel guides it has published to date.

Where are all the Conservatives?

(10/28/03 11:00am)

Original quote: "He [Adil] is a raging racist who just rants and knows nothing of substance." Now adjusted for liberal talk: "He is a conservative who voices his strongly right-leaning, realist opinions in public without fear of retribution." The fellow who made this comment was one of those "nice -- meaning liberal" students who blatantly discriminated against conservatives. He was so biased that he instructed his team at an organization he headed to find a "nice little liberal" as his successor and not a "conservative prick" because he wanted "someone pleasant" to follow him.

Alternative Medicine

(10/27/03 11:00am)

Who does Howard Dean think he is? No disrespect to our idyllic neighbor across the river, but his state is small, uneventful and not terribly representative of American demographics. So who does he think he's fooling? He positions himself as an NRA-backed champion of states' rights, but don't worry -- he's no right-wing crusader! He soars to prominence through his opposition to the Iraq war, but don't worry -- he's no vigil-holding pacifist! Dr. Dean has eviscerated politics to the point that pundits don't even really know what they're looking at anymore.

Upgrading Kresge

(10/27/03 11:00am)

Recently, the Student Assembly called a meeting to discuss the possible expansion of Kresge, in light of the administration's recent shelving of plans to build a new gym to replace the almost 100-year-old Alumni Gym. Sarah Berger called for the student body to "demonstrate the need for a new fitness center," and noted the small budget -- approximately $5,000 a year -- allocated to Kresge.

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