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Overdue Thanks

(10/31/03 11:00am)

Did you know that DDS bakers come in to work every day at 4:30 a.m.? Or that there are 1,177 bathrooms or shower rooms on campus that are cleaned on a daily or weekly basis? Or that, each year, 2.5 million customers get their cards swiped at DDS registers? We didn't either, until this week.

Political Wars at Dartmouth

(10/31/03 11:00am)

I was intrigued by the publication of the political supplement in the Oct. 23 edition of the The Dartmouth. As chair of the Dartmouth Students for Bush chapter, I can say that political activism is very important to me. At a close community like Dartmouth, though, I think we need to understand some very basic things about the intersection between the political realm and campus life.

Prof.: Nazi propaganda portrayed 'unmasked' Jews

(10/31/03 11:00am)

For the average German, anti-Semitic propaganda offered a way of making sense, or as historian Jeffrey Herf said yesterday in Filene Auditorium, "making nonsense" of World War II. Herf, who is still in the process of researching the topic, used the personal journals of Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels as well as the information ministry's press directives to support his arguments.

Blanchett's talents wasted in glossy 'Veronica Guerin'

(10/30/03 11:00am)

The mix of film personalities in the new film "Veronica Guerin" is indeed a perplexing one. Cate Blanchett is essentially the only star with box-office pull in the whole film. Though Blanchett is always at her best in juicy intellectual roles offered by small productions, as witnessed by her performances in such films "Elizabeth," "An Ideal Husband," and "Heaven," she is paired in "Veronica Guerin" with the director-producer team of Joel Schumacher and Jerry Bruckheimer, the kings of the hyper-glossy Hollywood formula film.

Tennis women head into Big Green Invitational on a roll

(10/30/03 11:00am)

The Dartmouth women's tennis team continued its impressive fall term by posting an excellent performance at the Women's College Tennis Invitational at the National Tennis Center in New York City on October 10-12. The Invitational included many strong teams from all over the country, including seven of the eight Ivy League squads.

Blitz Etiquette

(10/30/03 11:00am)

I'm standing at Thayer waiting to check blitz. This time the usually defunct blitz terminals are working. The keys are still greasy. I'm standing behind an '07, wearing one of those shirts that say his class year in size 1,032 font; the '07 continues to hack away. What gives? All I want to do is blitz a friend and spending seven minutes in line behind an '07 attempting to write a novel to his professor isn't my idea of common courtesy. I employ the rush tactics that I learned from my DOC trip leader freshman year: crowd the person and sigh la Al Gore. The '07 doesn't get the message and starts to open Internet Explorer, and then banner student, all this with now five people standing in line. I interrupt, "excuse me, do you think you could hurry up or at least not sign up for classes at Thayer?" He replied curtly, "it's a public computer; I can do whatever I want." Lovely. I guess you can't argue with the '07s. I'd like that student to take a crash course in Blitz Etiquette.

Fear This Man

(10/30/03 11:00am)

There's a Texan in Washington, D.C., right now whom we should all fear. He has immense power, and is completely convinced of the righteousness of his terrifying ideas. He does as he pleases, using demagoguery to attack his opponents, and cares little for the consequences of his actions. No, not that Texan.

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