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What is Peace?

(05/09/02 9:00am)

Why did I ask Ehud Barak, "What is peace?" I asked Mr. Barak what is peace because I believe it is the one question that is not being asked. Instead of focusing on a broader vision of what a peaceful settlement might be, what it would look like, Israel, Palestine and the rest of the world are trapped in a quagmire of immediate political concerns. I did not expect Mr. Barak to answer my question. Nor would I expect Mr. Arafat to provide us with some vision of what it would mean to live at peace with Israel. The problem is that neither Mr. Barak nor Mr. Arafat nor Mr. Sharon has stopped to consider what peace is and what peace would mean. Israel, Palestine, the United States and the international community are caught in political concerns that conceal the obvious path to security for Israel and Palestine. We must realize that Sept. 11 was only the beginning. We can no longer afford to split our world into east and west. We can no longer afford not to ask what is peace.

Trust No One

(05/09/02 9:00am)

They called the Gulf War the first war fought on TV, but they never dreamed that war would be fought through TV. Conflicts are no longer won or lost on the battlefield; this war is for control of your mind. And if you think my X-Files verbiage is out of place, then you haven't heard some of the conspiracy theories that are out there.

My Daily Battle

(05/09/02 9:00am)

It's high noon, a drop of sweat slides down my brow, and I enter the gauntlet. Between the detectors, past the plaster walls and into the stacks I stride. Thousands of book titles try to catch my attention from either side, but I stare straight ahead, completely focused. A yellow tape arrow under my foot directs me as I swing a sharp left. More books pass by unnoticed before I swing a sharp right, bringing my target into view. Someone's coming right at me, but I pay him no heed. Just before we slam into each other, I swivel my shoulders sideways so that I slip by, barely missing him, all the time keeping my eyes locked on my target: the two lightswitches on either side of the last row of books -- the only two switches along that path that can be operated manually.

Kresge to host $4,500 squash event

(05/08/02 9:00am)

This weekend, Dartmouth will play host to a Professional Squash Association satellite event, the Dartmouth Mudbowl, at the squash courts in the Kresge sports complex. The 16-man main-draw field, with a total prize pool of $4,500, will run from Thursday to Sunday, with Thursday composed of an additional 16-man qualifying playoff to get into main-draw play, running from noon to 5 p.m.

Coeducating ORL

(05/08/02 9:00am)

The decision for Dartmouth to become coeducational was a good one for the College. On that point, students, administrators and faculty would agree almost unanimously. Some alumni, particularly those who attended an all-male Dartmouth, disagree, but the overwhelming majority of the Dartmouth community has accepted the new vision of Dartmouth as an improvement over the old order. Indeed, it was this sentiment that led to the decree in the Student Life Initiative a few years ago that "The [residential] system should be substantially coeducational and provide opportunities for greater interaction among all Dartmouth students." Given this general consensus, should the College continue its prohibition on mixed-sex River apartments? Logically, it should not.

On Ethnic Food (Not Studies)

(05/08/02 9:00am)

Downtown Hanover, as most of us would agree, provides everything that a college student could ever need. When I first strolled down Main Street, I was almost overwhelmed by the variety of shops there. In fact, I didn't dare venture past the Dartmouth Co-op. Main Street, to me, seemed to continue on forever. And after almost half a year of exploring it (though I have not experienced all that is there), I have come to the conclusion that the only thing that prevents Main Street from achieving a hallowed status akin to that of the Downtown Crossing in Boston is its dearth of authentic Chinese food.