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Bring on the Clones

(06/27/01 9:00am)

On Feb. 23, 1997, Scottish embryologist Dr. Ian Wilmut announced that he had successfully cloned a sheep from a single cell of an adult sheep, and the debate over the merits and ethics of human cloning shifted into high gear. In addition to Dolly, the cloned sheep, scientists have managed to clone monkeys, mice and some breeds of cattle. The question of whether modern science has the capability to clone humans has been settled. The only question left is whether it should. A fringe group of scientists, calling themselves the Raelians, have announced that they are currently attempting to "recreate a dead child" at their secret lab located somewhere in Canada. The Raelians are weird -- in addition to their efforts on human cloning, they are also planning to welcome the first aliens to earth when they arrive -- but scientifically sophisticated enough to make good on their promise.

What Is This, Russia?

(06/27/01 9:00am)

A specter is haunting Dartmouth -- the specter of Paternalism. There is a growing acknowledgment on campus of its increased presence. Opposing the Paternalists is a group of liberty-seeking individuals. Many of these Liberty-seekers advocate the status quo. A few of the liberty-seeking elements propose the radical idea of increased rights and responsibilities. Conflict is inevitable as the Paternalists, unable to effect voluntary change in the current free market of ideas, have moved to forcibly seize the means of production of the Dartmouth community to further their cause.

Enthusiastic kudos for multi-genre "Wooden Sea"

(06/25/01 9:00am)

"Never buy yellow clothes or cheap leather. That's my credo and there are more. Know what I like to see? People killing themselves I'm talking about the guy on the street, face the color of wet lead, lighting up a Camel and coughing up his soul the minute he inhales. Good for you, sport! Long live nicotine, stubbornness and self indulgence," narrates Frannie McCabe on page one of Jonathan Carroll's new novel, "The Wooden Sea." Hardboiled small town sheriff McCabe maintains this ironic detachment, which comes in handy when a feather, a bone and a three-legged dog named Old Vertue limp into his life, heralding the chaos that soon follows.


(06/25/01 9:00am)

I refuse to get sucked in. I will not waste time arguing about something I just want to consign to the dark recesses of memory. We only have one sophomore summer. So, let the administration make up new definitions for words and laws hundreds of years old, let it be as completely and unabashedly blatant as possible in signifying the beginning of the end of the Greek system, let it try its best to taint this special term by making so many students waste it defending themselves. As for me, I'm going to seek out what sophomore summer epitomizes to the very core rather than reverting to the same old debates, debates in which I have spent more time than I care to admit participating and for which nobody has anything to show except lots of hostility and even more hopelessness. I'm going to explore new things, meet new people and perfect my Teva-tan. I will manifest in my own actions the uniqueness inherent in the very concept of sophomore summer. It's a time to break the mold.

In Bad Faith

(06/25/01 9:00am)

Administrators handed down a policy last Friday that both undermines the very Student Life Initiative objectives it purports to advance and fosters an atmosphere of distrust between students and College officials. The administration must now work to correct last week's mistakes.

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