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McCartney of old takes wheel on 'Driving Rain'

(11/20/01 11:00am)

Versatility is a quality rarely found in the solo work of super-group veterans like Sting, Phil Collins and Pete Townshend. Paul McCartney, and his latest solo release, "Driving Rain," is the exception to the rule. On the inspired 16-track album, Paul augments his superb bass playing by giving soulful performances on the piano, acoustic and electric guitars and drums in addition to vocals on all of the songs.

Aristotle Knows Key to Success is Actualization

(11/20/01 11:00am)

These preseason sports previews are such a crapshoot, especially at the college level where the athletes are, shall we say, less refined. This is a level of competition where anything can happen. An athlete can go from a zero to a hero and then back to a zero in a week. Sports Illustrated, with all their overly enthused interns, can't accurately predict the capability of a college basketball team. There are just too many factors, chief of which is a team's ability to mature and develop raw talent.

Hardwood Hopes

(11/20/01 11:00am)

The Dartmouth men's basketball team has an uphill battle ahead of itself this winter if the Big Green hopes to win its first Ivy League title since 1959. With only two seniors and six freshmen, the team is hoping to overcome youth and inexperience in an attempt to improve upon the 8-19 finish of last year. With a little luck, the Big Green may do just that and knock off some of the league favorites in the process.

'Those were the best games we've played all year'

(11/20/01 11:00am)

This weekend, the Dartmouth women's soccer team advanced to the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament with a pair of thrilling victories in the First and Second Rounds. On Friday, the Big Green beat UW-Milwaukee, 1-0, in double overtime on a goal from Milwaukee native Katherine Kannenberg '05. On Sunday, Dartmouth topped 20th-ranked Michigan, 1-0, after Mary McVeigh '03 scored with less than five minutes remaining. The Big Green will face second-ranked Santa Clara in California on Saturday in the third round.

A Hint of Lint

(11/20/01 11:00am)

Lint flabbergasts me. I'm not talking about the stuff that creeps up my stomach to burrow in my navel. I'm talking about the fluffy gray residue in the dryer. Whenever I wash clothes, I'm always astounded to find how much has accumulated in the lint-trap of the dryer. (And why is it always an odd gray color? Occasionally it'll be some cotton-candy pink or bluish hue, but for the most part, it's a rather unattractive slate-gray tone. Even when I wash my whites, the lint always comes out the same color.)

Collis Common Ground goes Medieval for an afternoon

(11/19/01 11:00am)

I woke up Saturday morning with the strangest urge to make a chain mail shirt and embroider. What better place to go to satisfy my yearnings than at the Medieval Faire that was being held in the Collis Common Ground? The Society for Creative Anachronisms and Dartmouth's Medieval Enthusiasts co-sponsored the four-hour event that was filled with fun activities for all.

'Harry Potter' film adaptation lacks magic of novel

(11/19/01 11:00am)

The film adaptation of J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" hit theatres across the country last Friday, even one in Lebanon. Rowling's series of novels is wildly popular among ten-year-olds, but widely read among college students and adults as well. Those familiar with the books largely agree that they are incredible. But can an incredible book give rise to an incredible movie?

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