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Men's water polo finishes undefeated

(10/30/01 11:00am)

The Dartmouth men's water polo team won its fourth Collegiate Water Polo Association New England Division Championship in six years last weekend. Defeating Williams 10-8 in the finals continued the Big Green's undefeated record in 2001 CWPA play. Yale placed third. The victory advances Dartmouth to the national championships November 9-11 at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

A Poke in the Ribs

(10/30/01 11:00am)

The past six weeks have been something out of the sort of book you find in an airport departure lounge. A horrible attack on America. An evil billionaire bad guy hiding out in an exotic foreign locale. Everybody except George W. Bush panicking at the sight of white powder. But we're at war now, and the media is all over comparing Sept. 11 to Pearl Harbor and the present to World War II. Our grandparents are sitting back in their armchairs overdosing on schadenfreude as they sit around and discuss how much better things were in the old times:

Marsalis jazzes up Spaulding

(10/29/01 11:00am)

Do not ever let anyone tell you that Wynton Marsalis is not the greatest musician in our galaxy. Wynton is a trumpet player and jazz composer from the Marsalis family (of Ellis and Branford), leader of a big band and jazz septet, artistic director of New York City's Jazz at Lincoln Center and father of three. Many of those who heard him play last night at Spaulding Auditorium also believe him to be an extraterrestrial.

The Need For Hot Tubs

(10/29/01 11:00am)

It is definitely getting cold. It gets cold back in Seattle, too, where I'm from. Not this cold, not near the coast, but if you head up toward the mountains just an hour away ... it gets cold. Out West, we have a way of dealing with the cold that doesn't seem too popular out here. We have figured out the best thing to do when it's cold. And it's time the East Coast caught on.

The Future of the System

(10/29/01 11:00am)

On Oct. 23, Dean Redman wrote a letter to all Coed Fraternity Sorority leaders outlining the future of the Greek system. The proposals are ambiguous and contradictory in nature, leaving significant issues unresolved. The administration should be pressed to define their goals more clearly and divulge their true intentions. I attempted to contact Mr. Redman for comments about his letter, but he was unavailable. One interesting tidbit from the letter is that it outlines a goal of inclusivity. This is not a word; the administration just made it up to suit its ends. Check the dictionary if you don't believe me. And while I think its meaning is plainly obvious, it occurs to me that everyday the parallels between our world and that of Mr. Orwell's "1984" grow stronger and stronger. What is so troubling about the ambiguity in the letter is that it leaves so much enforcement to the discretion of the same administration that has pledged to "end the Greek system as we know it." Vaguely worded principles are not the Greek student's friend, for their enforcement is not likely to be interpreted in a way beneficial to the student nor to his or her organization.

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