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Jack O'Lantern: Neither Paranoia Nor Censorship Can Foster Learning

(11/06/97 11:00am)

Censhorship has never resolved any problem of human miscommunication or misunderstanding. Language and ideas only truly belong to those who put them upon printed pages, or utter them into the audible air, when both the transmission of the message and the manner in which it is received can be controlled; otherwise, words and concepts are subject to multiple meanings, implications, interpretations and project disparate moral and ethical intentions. To paraphrase Professor William Cook of the English department, we all belong to multiple, varying, and often divergent discourse communities , and thus, dialogues which embody one set connotative and denotative properties in one context can contain opposing properties in another.

A Dartmouth Nightmare

(11/06/97 11:00am)

Last year was my first experience with Homecoming. I vividly remember the excitement of the freshman sweep and the anticipation of the bonfire. During the running, laughing and the scrambling to find my friends I recall being dimly aware of a crowd in front of Dartmouth Hall. I was slightly curious but more interested in getting a front row view of the bonfire than anything they could have been doing up on the hill. This year as a slightly less impatient sophomore I decided I would take part in the songs and speeches I had missed the year before.

WDCR-1340AM: 'Keeping it real' in the Upper Valley: Student radio DJs scope out new music, phattest and freshest beats to provide College audience with R&B, hip-hop

(11/05/97 11:00am)

If you hail from in and around any major city there are certain things that you take for granted; one is that you can turn on the radio and tune into not one but often several stations that feature hip hop and/or R&B music.