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Affirmative Action Is Obsolete

(11/21/96 11:00am)

The hottest political topic of the moment is no doubt affirmative action and the passing of Proposition 209 in California. The discussion of this issue on the Dartmouth campus has been a particularly predictable one to me. The outspoken liberal community at Dartmouth has been vigorously working to "raise awareness" of California's decision to abort its affirmative action policy in its governmental and educational institutions. Any good liberal believes the following equation to be infallible: affirmative action=liberal=good.

Too Little, Too Late

(11/21/96 11:00am)

The recent passage of the California Civil Rights Initiative (Proposition 209) is a threat to affirmative action policies everywhere. It will undoubtedly result in an even more extreme polarization between affirmative action's supporters and opposition. Furthermore, it threatens to represent real setbacks for what up until now has been positive progress towards equality in the public sector. It is a concept at the very heart of the debate of what exactly equality entails and how it can be achieved.