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Professor Thalia Wheatley plays integral special effects role in new HBO documentary

(07/10/20 6:10am)

In one part of the documentary, “Welcome to Chechnya,” which debuted at Sundance earlier this year, a man identified as “Grisha” shares his harrowing experience of being arrested and tortured by Chechen authorities because of his sexual identification. The emotion conveyed on screen — fear, anger, sadness — is palpable. It is also not, in the strictest sense, real. Using a groundbreaking editing technique, the documentarians behind the film were able to digitally “swap” the face of the real Grisha with that of a volunteer actor, thereby protecting his identity without losing the essential human connection that comes with being able to put a face to a story. 

College, state officials investigate cause of missing student incident

(05/24/19 6:15am)

Both the College and the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department are currently investigating how Arun Hari Anand ’19 was separated from May 10 until May 12 from a Mount Moosilauke hiking trip led by Dartmouth’s Outdoor Programs Office. While the large search-and-rescue operation to find Anand ended successfully, questions remain over how the student became lost and whether the trip met reasonable safety guidelines. 

Bipartisan medical marijuana bill advances in NH state legislature

(05/23/19 6:00am)

While a push to legalize recreational marijuana in New Hampshire might be stalled for the foreseeable future in the state legislature, a bill that would expand options for medical marijuana users in the state is making its way toward the desk of Gov. Chris Sununu (R). If passed and approved, the bill would allow certified patients to grow a limited number of plants themselves. 

Dartmouth hosts 47th annual Powwow

(05/14/19 6:05am)

Over 60 dancers from across the country came to campus on Saturday and Sunday to participate in Dartmouth’s 47th annual Powwow, a Native American cultural gathering. Typically, the event takes place on the Green, but due to rain concerns, this year’s powwow was held in Leede Arena. The event was organized by the Native Americans at Dartmouth student organization and was open to the public. 

Limited parking on campus limits options for commuters

(04/18/19 6:00am)

The limited amount of parking spaces on campus has affected daily commuters to campus, some of whom live significant distances from Hanover. For staff members, this paucity results in a more complicated commute. For members of Dartmouth’s faculty, this issue can lead to fewer office hours and more instances of working from home. A new construction project begun by the College in January is seeking to address these concerns by building the first parking garage on Dartmouth’s campus. 

Prosecutors seek to consolidate charges against Gage Young

(04/05/19 6:10am)

Prosecutors trying the case against Gage Young, who was indicted in the non-fatal shooting of visiting Providence College student Thomas Elliot in Hanover last fall, are attempting to consolidate charges against the Lebanon resident in order to hold only one trial concerning the Nov. 2, 2018 incident. They are also attempting to add a new charge of falsifying evidence. Young has replaced his previous counsel with Richard Guerriero, who filed a motion to move the trials to July. 

Dartmouth Outing Club elects new directorate

(02/21/19 7:45am)

Fresh ideas may accompany the impending turnover of the Dartmouth Outing Club directorate. In a campus-wide email on Feb. 12, outgoing DOC president John Brady ’19 announced the names of students elected to lead the organization in the coming year. The positions of president, vice president, treasurer and secretary were up for election and have been filled through the end of winter 2020. The new directorate will take over beginning next term. 

Q&A with anthropology professor Jeremy DeSilva

(02/12/19 8:00am)

For anthropology professor Jeremy DeSilva, the evolutionary lineage of human beings hold a special allure. DeSilva specializes in human evolution and the anatomy of proto-human species, particularly the origin and evolution of bipedalism. DeSilva recently coauthored a special issue of the journal “PaleoAnthropology,” focusing on Australopithecus sediba, a two million-year-old potential human ancestor found in 2008 in South Africa. 

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