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Khan: We're the Worst

(02/04/20 7:05am)

Ask people at Dartmouth how they spend their time out of class. Specifically, ask them how they feel about the non-academic aspects of Dartmouth. You’ll hear a lot of responses. Some will tell you this school is no good anymore compared to its fabled glory days. Others might complain that the House system is ineffective and completely fails to compete with the Greek system. Then there are those who believe the administration hates the Greek system, coupled with the students who feel the administration’s policy toward Greek organizations is far too lenient. The particular gripes might differ, but the general sense of dissatisfaction remains.

Khan: An Empty Suit

(01/07/20 7:00am)

What is it about Pete Buttigieg that makes him so attractive to Dartmouth students? To the untrained eye, there’s something for almost every kind of voter to hate; he’s polling at 7.7 percent nationally for a reason. Yet, 17 percent of Dartmouth students prefer him for the presidency, according to a poll published by The Dartmouth last fall.

Khan: Admitting Our Athletes

(04/26/19 6:05am)

Dartmouth students aren’t so great at most of the sports they play. Not on a national level anyway. Barring specific winter sports, which we often excel in, as well as a few other exceptions, our athletic performance isn’t anywhere near as impressive as our alumni’s professional and academic showings are. Don’t argue with that; the last time our roughly 100-man football team produced an NFL player was a full 15 years ago, and the last time our basketball team produced an NBA player was in 1990. And yet, we hand out some of the most coveted seats in higher education to recruits in the name of upholding the strength of our athletic programs: over a fifth of the current student body is comprised of varsity athletes.

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