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Legacy students forge their own paths

(10/26/18 6:10am)

Every student’s college experience is influenced by their parents, whether they helped choose what college to attend, what major to pursue or what activities to participate in. However, when one attends the same college as one or both parents, this influence can be compounded. Sharing a parent’s alma mater can become an act of balancing their informed advice and guidance with the desire to forge one’s own path. The advice legacy students receive from their parents can reflect the College’s changes across generations, or demonstrate that, despite the decades between two students, the spirit of Dartmouth holds true.

Evolution of Dartmouth Students

(09/19/18 6:20am)

Dartmouth is home to a thriving ecosystem with a variety of flora and fauna that fill its environment, ranging from friendly canines to historic pines. Among this biodiversity, there is one animal of chief interest to the modern zoologist: the Dartmouth student. The Dartmouth student is a peculiar species with a distinct four-part metamorphosis. While the full life cycle of the Dartmouth student can take a variable amount of time, each stage comes with its own specialized skills and behaviors, marking the slow transition of a Dartmouth student into an adult alumnus.

Buff: The Ideal Male Body?

(05/09/18 6:13am)

On any given morning, as I walk to my 9:00 a.m. class, I have a 50 percent chance of running into — that is, physically colliding with — someone running on the sidewalk. Dartmouth’s campus is filled with people being active, running, biking and playing frisbee on the Green. The weather barely registers; you’re just as likely to see someone jogging in the rain as in the 80 degree sunshine. It’s undeniable that Dartmouth’s student body is an unusually athletic one, with 75 percent of undergraduates participating in sports. With such an athletically-involved campus, I looked into whether or not the college’s active culture affects the body image of the men of Dartmouth. 

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