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Review: 'Stranger Things 3' is an electric revival of the series

(07/12/19 6:00am)

On Fourth of July weekend, I powered up my laptop, logged into Netflix and clicked on the big, bright banner advertising the release of “Stranger Things 3.” My expectations were low. After a lackluster second season, I missed the excitement that surrounded the series when it first premiered — back when the #ImWithBarb campaign trended on social media, memes about Eleven’s name went viral and Eggo waffles surged in sales. I wanted the third season of the sci-fi-horror series to bring the same magic it had created with its 2016 launch. One weekend-long Netflix binge later, I am confident that the magic of “Stranger Things” has finally returned to Hawkins in what may be its best season yet.

Benjamin to be acting publisher for The Dartmouth

(11/06/18 8:00am)

On Nov. 3, Zachary Benjamin ’19, current editor-in-chief of The Dartmouth, was appointed as the newspaper’s acting publisher. The change in leadership occurred in light of the resignation of former publisher Hanting Guo ’19 at a meeting with the newspaper’s Board of Proprietors on Saturday. Benjamin will manage the duties of both editor-in-chief and acting publisher until a full-time replacement is found.

Dartmouth’s admissions strategy adapts and grows

(05/18/18 8:05am)

Shakily gripping his iPhone, a father zooms in on his daughter’s tense expression, as she stares at her glowing laptop. She bites her lip, holds her breath, and makes one final, definitive click before dropping her jaw. “I GOT IN!” Her mom runs into the room and screams alongside her daughter, as her dad continues to film the culminating celebration of countless AP courses, after-school activities and Common Application essay revisions.

Roslin's Sushi awaiting additional permit

(05/15/18 6:35am)

In late April, the made-to-order Roslin’s Sushi service located in Collis Café announced its temporary unavailability because it had been operating without a permit to make sushi on College premises. Since then, made-to-order sushi has remained unavailable, but concerned students need only wait for the vendor to attain an additional permit, said the director of dining services Jon Plodzik.

Tuck study finds free shipping has high costs

(04/04/18 6:00am)

Free shipping does not come cheap — at least not for online retailers. In a working research paper for the Tuck School of Business, updated in Jan. 2018, researchers found that free shipping promotions not only lead to lost shipping revenue for “a leading retailer,” but also result in higher rates of returns. The study was led by Edlira Shehu, marketing and management professor at the University of Southern Denmark; Dominik Papies, the chair of marketing at the University of Tübingen in Germany; and Scott Neslin, marketing professor at Tuck.

Q&A with Rabbi Edward Boraz

(02/21/18 7:30am)

Rabbi Edward Boraz has served as the rabbi for both the Dartmouth and the Upper Valley Jewish Community congregations for the past 20 years. He is the executive director of Dartmouth Hillel and runs Project Preservation, an annual service trip to restore Jewish cemeteries in Eastern Europe. After studying psychology and earning a law degree at Loyola University in Chicago, he applied his studies towards his rabbinical practices. Boraz will be stepping down from his positions at Dartmouth and in the Upper Valley Area on July 1 to serve as the rabbi of a small congregation in Wausau, Wisconsin.

SPCSA releases recommendations for 2017

(11/02/17 6:05am)

On Oct. 24, the Student and Presidential Committee on Sexual Assault released its 2017 recommendations for increasing sexual assault prevention and response in the Dartmouth community. The SPCSA decided on six recommendations based on its own research, findings from research conducted by Mae Hardebeck ’18 and community feedback from the Sixth Annual Symposium on Sexual Assault in April.

'Senior Design Challenge' fosters collaboration

(10/13/17 6:00am)

This Tuesday, the application for the new course Engineering Sciences 15, “Senior Design Challenge” went live on its website. Taught by design thinking lecturer Eugene Korsunskiy, “Senior Design Challenge” is a two-term capstone course available to seniors this winter and spring. With an expected class of 20 seniors, the course will sort students from a variety of academic backgrounds into interdisciplinary teams to design solutions to real-world challenges, Korsunskiy said.

Working From Home: Family Leave and Parental Dynamics

(10/04/17 2:21pm)

Based on the Family Medical Leave Act, qualifying American parents must be allowed 12 weeks of job-protected leave to care for a newborn. Considering the average maternity leave is 17.7 weeks in advanced nations, American working parents are already at a disadvantage compared to the rest of the industrialized world, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Add in the fact that every other advanced country mandates paid maternity leave, and one can’t help but wonder why the U.S. lags so far behind.

The Story of a Story: Editing as Creative Pursuit

(09/27/17 6:20am)

It’s happened to the best of us. Sitting in Berry at 11 p.m., earbuds jammed in and coffee an arm’s length away, we slide out our laptops and open up an unfinished essay, prepared for a long night of re-wording paragraphs and restructuring sentences. As the night drags on, the comments in the margin begin to blur together and the words on the screen start to lose their meaning; we skip over a few passages and forget to refine our focus, add a word that’s out of place and confuse our voice. We miss out on fully developing our work because the final draft is due tomorrow, and we don’t have the time nor the energy to fully devote ourselves to the process. As the hours pass by, and we reach the end of our attention span, we ask ourselves the evergreen question: why didn’t I start editing sooner?

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