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"Crazy Horse Girl": Gender Equity in Equestrian Sports

(09/26/18 6:15am)

Jaime Eeg ’18 is no stranger to the term “crazy horse girl.” It’s the name that people sling at her when she talks about horses — the ones on the horse farm she was raised on, and her very own that she keeps at a barn nearby. Eeg was riding before she could even walk. As she grew up on the backs of horses, she noticed that her fellow riders were always girls, and while the boys would respect her for being able to handle a 1,500-pound animal, the interest would stop there. “Crazy horse boy” was never much of a thing.

'Days at Dartmouth': Beauty in the Mundane

(11/08/17 7:25am)

Nestled in the stacks of Baker-Berry Library in the company of grand ideas and long, winding histories of Dartmouth College is a book that is in many ways unremarkable, save for the ways it illuminates the quotidian beauty of life as a student here. “Days at Dartmouth,” a collection of letters written by Americo Secondo DeMasi ’35, records his ramblings on the mundane — grades, upcoming exams, fencing practice. DeMasi passed away in the winter of his junior year on Feb. 25, 1934 when a furnace gas leak in Theta Chi filled the house with lethal carbon monoxide fumes, killing him and eight others in their sleep. After his death, DeMasi’s high school teacher Clara Gill compiled the letters he wrote to her, his parents and his girlfriend, Peggy, into the memorial housed on our library shelves. The result is an epistolary memoir that articulates the commonalities of the Dartmouth experience despite the differences that mark the span between our time and his.

Leave Your Expectations at the Door: 'Lingerie' at Tabard

(10/11/17 6:30am)

Whether it is a giggling sprint across a bridge, an interrupted final or a quick getaway in the stacks, the scandal of nudity has always played a role in shaping common Dartmouth experiences. But acting out these traditions is always short-lived — most of the time you’re moving fast to avoid something: the wrath of Hanover Police, accidental eye contact with a professor or the (un)-conscious embarrassment of being naked in public. Adrenaline-filled and hasty, some Dartmouth traditions simultaneously recognize that being naked violates the social code of clothedness, while illuminating just how much the bare body is to be protected from the public eye.

The Agency of Home

(10/04/17 6:45am)

Every Dartmouth term is different. Not just in the cocktail of classes we take or in the people who zip in and out of our lives. Within the insanity of our intermingling D-Plans, every 10 weeks brings a completely unique combination of people to campus. From one term to the next, what one may argue makes Dartmouth special — the people — is never the same. Yet while life here sometimes feels fleeting at best, we nonetheless learn to find home within the never-changing architectural landscape. Home comes to be the memories echoed in the alcoves of Sanborn Library, the ghosts of small talk past on First Floor Berry or the wisps of a conversation that mark a corner of the Green your own. It’s individual, unique and self-defined within these common and unchanging spaces we share.

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