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Menning: To Maintain Electoral Viability, Republicans Must Correct Course on Climate

(09/14/23 8:00am)

In the first 2024 Republican presidential primary debate on Aug. 23, a Gen Z audience member asked candidates how they would calm young peoples’ fears that the GOP doesn’t care about climate change. However, few candidates directly answered the question. While most candidates have acknowledged the reality of climate change, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley was the only one to do so onstage.

Menning: Just Doe It

(11/15/22 9:00am)

This year, roughly 10,000 Granite Staters will return from the New Hampshire forests with harvested white-tailed deer. Though distant from campus, these hunters’ license fees will fund New Hampshire conservation while preventing deer overpopulation in places like Hanover. When they finish dressing and processing their harvested game, deer hunters will return home to share the wild venison with family and friends. However, they will not be able to sell their game to restaurants or butchers –– unlike the United Kingdom and Germany, New Hampshire bans the sale of wild venison. 

Menning: This November, Vote at Home

(10/20/22 8:00am)

Every other fall, in the months leading up to a general election, student political activism at Dartmouth reaches its peak. From tabling by Novack Cafe to pro-voting sidewalk chalk outside Foco to official housing community emails reminding students about local voter registration, election cycles at Dartmouth bring the same message: Students should vote, and they should consider voting in Hanover. 

Menning: An Intuitive Path Towards a Bigger Green

(07/15/22 8:05am)

Dartmouth owns 27,000 acres of forestland in northern New Hampshire. A gift from the state legislature in 1807, the Second College Grant has since become a beloved piece of Dartmouth’s heritage. The area is beautiful; Bear Brook and the Diamond River wind in open wetlands beneath forested mountains, hosting habitat for moose, whitetail deer, grouse, black bears, otters and beaver. The College currently manages the area for sustainable timber production and recreation, and the Dartmouth Outing Club maintains three cabins on the property that students can use from matriculation through life after graduation. While the Grant clearly plays to the “crunchy” aura so quintessential to life at Dartmouth, it may also provide a high-reward model to achieve one of the College’s most pressing priorities: a low-carbon future. 

Menning: Why is Rollins Chapel Still Closed?

(03/08/22 9:10am)

If you looked at the Tucker Center website, you would think Rollins Chapel were open. According to the site, the chapel — which has served as the College’s spiritual center for nearly 140 years — is currently “open for individual prayer and meditation.” Additionally, the site notes that the building, “utilized as an interfaith space available for Christian, Hindu, and Jewish services,” offers a Labyrinth prayer area which “[s]tudents, faculty, and community members are free to use” during regular chapel hours.