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Duck Syndrome: What's Beneath the Water?

(01/29/20 7:10am)

I am a self-proclaimed perfectionist. I push myself to my limits to get good grades, be in every organization and keep up those #squadgoals. In the era of social media and Instagram, we are able to project a fake image of who we want to be rather than who we actually are. Striving for perfectionism goes beyond social media, though, and students put up a front that everything is “so wonderful” when, in reality, many of us are just trying to get through the week. 

Religious Dynamics at Dartmouth

(11/13/19 7:05am)

College is a time when students assert their independence. When arriving on campus, many students must grapple with their religious identities on their own for the first time, considering questions such as: “Should I go church today?” or “Should I pray before I eat?” Here, there’s no one forcing you to do anything; if you want to escape religion, you can. 

Curing Spending Addictions

(10/02/19 6:15am)

College is often a financial burden for students and their families, but the cost of attending college goes way beyond tuition, meal plans and housing. Every student has their own way of navigating through the stress of college. Some of us go off-campus to get dinner or buy snacks to stress-eat; others like to go online and partake in some retail therapy. Though shopping online and meals out with friends might be fun, the miscellaneous expenses that come with college can quickly add up.

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