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Event focuses on assault risk for Native American women

(04/30/14 9:48pm)

A dinner discussion centered on the finding that one in three Native American women will experience sexual assault or attempted sexual assault in her lifetime brought together students, faculty and staff over poetry and discussion on Wednesday evening. The event, hosted by Alpha Pi Omega sorority, sought to explore the impact of sexual violence against Native American women in both Native and non-Native communities.

College launches redesigned Miniversity programming

(03/31/14 10:35pm)

Facing low enrollment and declining interest in teaching courses, the Collis Center for Student Involvement cancelled the majority of its spring Collis Miniversity course offerings. Instead of ending the program outright, however, the Center is launching a redesigned Miniversity, including events under the banner “Not Another Lecture Series.”

Hanlon’s spring class to dissect College budget

(03/23/14 11:53pm)

Over 150 students, faculty and staff will learn about the intricacies of Dartmouth’s financial planning process in the Office of the President’s new program, “Inside Dartmouth’s Budget.” The program, launching this term, aims to promote greater understanding of the College’s budgeting process, College President Phil Hanlon said.

Recruiting interview trips block students from class

(02/19/14 12:34am)

In addition to juggling midterms, jobs and extracurricular activities, students participating in corporate recruiting are squeezing time out of their schedules to interview for internships, often bussing to Boston or New York. This winter, 714 students participated in the Center for Professional Development’s corporate recruiting program, center director Roger Woolsey said. Around 30 to 35 percent of these students will receive a second interview, 80 to 90 percent of which will be held off campus. Students who participate in corporate recruiting often miss class in order to travel to interviews.

Q&A with Jeff Sharlet: Russia's anti-gay legislation

(02/14/14 12:48am)

In light of the Sochi Olympic Games, the global media has refocused on Russia’s 2013 anti-gay legislation. The law, which bans the promotion — such as public hand-holding — of “non-traditional sexual relations” in the presence of minors. This week, The Dartmouth sat down with English professor Jeff Sharlet to talk about his 15-day trip to Russia in November, reporting for GQ Magazine on LGBTQ life under the legislation. Sharlet’s piece, “Inside the Iron Closet: What It’s Like to Be Gay in Putin’s Russia,” appeared in the magazine’s February issue.

‘V-February’ to display various campus voices

(02/07/14 12:54am)

After students approached the Center for Gender and Student Engagement objecting to past V-Week programming, saying that events like the Vagina Monologues failed to represent an adequate range of student perspectives and identities, the CGSE decided to expand the week-long program of past years into month-long campaign known as “V-February.”

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