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Reflection: A Balanced Diet

(03/08/23 7:15am)

During one of the first weeks of the term, I took the story assignment of traveling to different diners around the Upper Valley. I originally planned on visiting as many as I could and providing a sort of listicle, a rating of the best breakfast sandwiches or pancake stacks around. I created a Google doc with an extensive list of diners — Four Aces, Creek House and Polly’s Pancake Parlor, to name a few — and their distance from campus, already planning out where I could slot each visit into my calendar. 

Daily Dippers Make a Splash

(04/20/22 6:20am)

It was a classic spring day in Hanover — 50 degrees, overcast and drizzling — when we started our trek down to the Ledyard Canoe Club docks for our daily ritual: A dip in the river. Down at the docks it somehow felt even colder, but we peeled off layers until we were dressed in only our bathing suits. It took some mental preparation, but eventually, we jumped. The cold was sudden and shocking — we both pulled ourselves out of the river as fast as we could. This jump marked day five of our week of daily dips — a challenge we undertook to write about the classic senior spring tradition.

Women’s History Month: Remembering Dartmouth’s Coeds

(03/02/22 7:24am)

On November 22, 1971, the front page of The Dartmouth was dominated by four decisive words: “DARTMOUTH TO ADMIT WOMEN.” Although Dartmouth was far from the first institution to admit women — all of the other Ivy League schools had already made the switch — this landmark decision marked a sharp break in the College’s long history as a men’s school and shook the foundations of what many knew as “dear old Dartmouth.”

Selling Science: A Look into Experimental Studies at Dartmouth

(02/02/22 7:15am)

On my way out of Sanborn last week, I found a poster taped to the door. In big orange letters, it advertised a “Research Opportunity,” surrounded by cartoon images of test tubes and brains. I stopped to read, intrigued: “sign up now to participate in a study about empathy and compassion towards animals!” The logistical information was laid out clearly: Where? Moore Hall. When? Two morning MRI scan sessions. Compensation? Up to $200 and — highlighted in bright yellow — an image of your own brain. 

22What Now? ’25s Face their First Winter Term

(01/12/22 7:09am)

For better or for worse, 22W is here, bringing along with it a Week One of snow, black ice and single-digit temps. Already, for ’25s in particular, the start of the term has been anything but normal, as we face a slate of new COVID-19 restrictions and a sharp transition into winter weather. The ’25s, this year’s new kids on the block, have a unique perspective on the transition from fall to winter, as for the first time, they swap sneakers for snow boots and adjust to a brand new way of living at Dartmouth.

“So Much Bigger than Just Thanksgiving”: The Myth of the American Holiday

(11/17/21 7:35am)

In a week, I’ll travel with my family to my grandparents’ house in New Jersey to celebrate Thanksgiving. We’ll dress up, spend all day preparing classic Thanksgiving dishes and sit down to a long dinner. Although the stereotypical Thanksgiving story does not play a large role in my family’s celebration, it is inextricably woven into the holiday — from the turkeys to the cornucopias to the myth of that happy Thanksgiving feast back in 1621. 

A Step Back in Time at the Nugget

(11/10/21 7:10am)

Tucked in the middle of bustling Main Street is one of Hanover’s hidden gems: the Nugget, a cozy brick movie theater that has been serving the town since 1916. In the age of streaming services and COVID-19, the role of the Nugget and other small-town cinemas has changed considerably. Still, over a hundred years after its opening, the theater is still operating and hosting a steady stream of moviegoers.

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