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Daily Debriefing

(12/04/07 1:34pm)

Mohammad Usman '10 was recently featured in the Boston Globe for currently being the only male enrolled at Wellesley College, an all female institution in Massachusetts. Usman applied to spend the semester at Wellesley with another male friend. His term away from Dartmouth is allowed as a result of an agreement among 11 universities, including Dartmouth, for student exchanges. Usman and his friend were both accepted for this fall, but only Usman decided to attend. There have been male exchange students in the past at Wellesley, but Usman is the first in years, making him well-known throughout the campus. "Being at an all women's institution has raised my awareness on the barriers gender sometimes places on women within an academic setting," Usman said in an e-mail to The Dartmouth. "Specifically, I have noticed -- relative to my Dartmouth courses -- that women at Wellesley exhibit a greater degree of freedom and feel more comfortable expressing their opinions within the classroom, in my opinion." Usman is living on campus and holds a Wellelsey school ID that he is frequently asked to produce in order to prove his enrollment and legitimacy on campus. He applied to Wellesley without the knowledge of his parents, the Globe reported.

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