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Students admit to causing Morton fire in online petition

(11/11/16 5:25am)

Sebastian Lim and Daniel Ro admitted to causing the Oct. 1 fire in Morton Hall in an online petition on the Care2 petition site. In the letter, titled “Change Our Lives,” Ro and Lim apologized for their actions and asked people to sign the petition in support as the two have been expelled from the College for posing “a threat to the community at large.”

Letter from the Editors

(05/12/16 11:04pm)

Last Friday, The Dartmouth prematurely published an account of a Gender Research Institute at Dartmouth lecture entitled “Archipelagic Entanglements,” where six panelists spoke about feminist ecology — one of whom was Rutgers University professor Jasbir Puar. The article also reported on an alleged incident in which Matthew Goldstein ’18 accused GRID director Annabel Martín of threatening him with force after he attempted to record the lecture.

Cultural clashes hinder minority students’ search for support

(10/09/15 1:30am)

What happens when a diagnosis does not provide clarity moving forward? For Junaid Yakubu ’16, learning that he had obsessive-compulsive disorder coupled with depression during his freshman winter only led to more questions. Though a clinician explained the details of treatment, stress and anxiety management, Yukubu was left with the dilemma of explaining what he was going through to family back home.

Student activism in 2014-15 addresses sexual assault, race

(08/21/15 10:24pm)

College campuses have long fostered student activism through demonstrations, protests and critical conversations about contemporary issues. Dartmouth is no exception to this trend that dates back to the Vietnam War protests of the 1960s — the majority of activism on campus is driven by students’ desire to enact positive change within their community.

Student-run groups offer chance to perform for peers, community

(08/21/15 10:03pm)

From all-night a cappella auditions to open workshops for dance troupes, campus performance groups draw a large crowd of first-year students in the fall term tryouts. Arts groups on campus offer students a chance to try stand-up or improv comedy, hip-hop or classical dance. Ranging from student-run groups to professionally directed productions in the Hopkins Center, first-year students have many opportunities to experience the thrill of performing for their peers.

Summer Hammond '17 remembered for her selflessness and determination

(07/24/15 12:55am)

To Summer Hammond ’17, happiness was incomplete unless those around her felt it too. Not even a cancer diagnosis on her 16th birthday could shake her firm belief in positivity, in living life to the fullest. Family members say that Summer never made anything about herself — rather, it was always about what she could do for her friends.

Editor's Note

(06/13/15 9:26am)

It’s easy to get swept up in remembering the beginnings and ends of things. The nostalgia of Trips and the seemingly grand significance of right now — what may feel like an end to some and a beginning to others but is probably something of both. But, in between that first step on the Green to the last step off that stage, what will you remember once you are no longer at this College on the Hill?

Experts divided on role of guns on campuses

(03/09/15 12:00am)

The nationwide push for colleges and universities to allow permitted individuals to carry concealed weapons on campus is mounting, with at least 10 states currently considering bills in their legislatures to remove or loosen bans. As the movement gains momentum, advocates for the law have increasingly used the argument of arming students as a way to help reduce sexual assaults on campus.

Students push for Asian-American studies program

(02/24/15 12:03am)

A student group submitted a faculty cluster hiring proposal calling for the strengthening of existing ethnic studies programs and the reestablishment of a formal Asian-American studies program as a part of College President Phil Hanlon’s faculty cluster initiative. The proposal, submitted to vice provost for academic initiatives Denise Anthony on Feb. 16 by the Asian/American Students for Action, centers around the question of how histories of colonialism and imperialism affect minorities and groups of color today.

Ambassador Brzezinski ’87 talks climate change

(02/17/15 12:38am)

United States Ambassador to Sweden Mark Brzezinski, a member of the Class of 1987 addressed climate change, diplomacy and Arctic policy in his Monday lecture titled “#OurSharedArctic: U.S. Embassy Sweden and Modern Diplomacy.” Brzezinski is one of the 2015 winter term Montgomery Fellows and was in residence on campus from Feb. 14 through 17, His work on campus focused on the theme “Climate Change and Society.”

College will hire new sexual assault counselor

(02/13/15 1:17am)

A new sexual assault counselor will join the College’s Counseling and Human Development clinical staff to be used as a “confidential” resource, CHD director Heather Earle said, following the change of the Sexual Assault Awareness Program from “confidential” to “private.” The College will conduct a national search for candidates. Interested candidates will be screened and interviewed by a search committee, which will include both faculty and student input from diverse parts of campus.

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