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Editors' Note

(10/04/17 6:05am)

May is a senior and has experienced a grand total of 0.5 Homecomings. During her freshman year, she was self-poisoned by her Foco meal (a hearty plate of garlic with a side of stir fry) and slept through the preliminary festivities in her Fahey dorm, before running around the bonfire in a tutu, oozing garlic and melancholy. She studied abroad during her sophomore and junior falls and experienced Homecoming vicariously through her best bud Lauren, who, in a “surprisingly wholesome” remark, recalled standing around the bonfire in the pouring rain, overwhelmed with joy when hundreds had gathered to celebrate the tradition despite the inclement weather. (While the blazing pile of wood in the center of the Green was enough to keep the crowd warm, Lauren noted that her alcohol blanket — the result of consuming half a bag of Franzia, in typical sophomore fashion — also helped.) Annette remembers seeing a classmate successfully touch the fire her freshman year. And intrepid editor Ray Lu ’18, when asked his thoughts on the Homecoming bonfire tradition, replied: “It’s straight fiya.”