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Roodnitsky: The College's ratio of students to mental health providers is abysmal and it shows

(07/22/22 8:05am)

Many of us have heard of the “duck syndrome” at Dartmouth: It’s week five, midterms are crashing into you, stress from extracurriculars has piled up, looming deadlines approach, the fear of finding that internship for your next off term peaks and quite frankly, you sleep more in Baker-Berry Library than in your dorm. And yet, you must appear calm above the surface of the water, a graceful duck making its way smoothly around the pond. If someone were to peek underneath, however, they would see webbed feet frantically paddling away. That’s how much energy the duck must exert to keep from drowning. Nobody would know from its appearance that the duck is just barely remaining afloat. 

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