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Peters: To My Fellow Floridians

(02/07/18 7:10am)

In Florida, the “Voting Restoration Amendment,” also known as “Amendment 4,” has successfully been put on the ballot for this coming November. This amendment restores voting rights to people with felony convictions, except for those convicted of murders or felony sexual offence. Florida is currently one of four states in the entire country that permanently disenfranchises people who were convicted of felonies. This amendment would affect more than 1.5 million Floridians in a state that has a population of 20.5 million. According to The Sentencing Project, 27 percent of the country’s disenfranchised population lives in Florida. In order for the amendment to pass, at least 60 percent of the vote must be in favor of restoration. This is huge news and a step in the right direction, but it’s been a long time coming. 

Richards: Looking for Brutus

(01/04/18 6:00am)

To Dante Alighieri, Marcus Junius Brutus the Younger was counted as one of the three most accursed men to have lived. A member of the conservative republican faction in the Roman Senate, he is best remembered for his assassination of Gaius Julius Caesar, and for that act he is vilified as a traitor, an assassin, a “regicidenik.” But what is so often dismissed as base treachery can also be seen as an honor of the highest level, an anti-authoritarian act that put principle before person and country before self.

Disgraceful: Forever Young

(04/21/17 4:35pm)

Four years ago, it is my freshman summer, and I am running down Mt. Moosilauke, alone, in the dark, 90 percent sure that I am about to die. I am kicking myself for staying an extra hour at the campsite up the mountain with my trail crew members, knowing I needed to get down to the Lodge before sunset. My headlamp begins to flicker. I’m probably running from a moose, or a bear or a psycho-killer AT hiker, right? Wrong. I am running from a fictional, immortal mad-scientist called Doc Benton. Many of you may remember the story of Doc Benton from Trips — the scientist from the 1800s who threw the girl off the headwall in the search for immortality? The story wasn’t very scary surrounded by 150 sweaty teens, but alone in the woods, I am straight losing it. Eventually I make it down (only falling once) and run into the Lodge, sweaty and out of breath feeling like I just outran death; everyone else is playing cards and looks at me like I’m crazy. Honestly, I probably am.

Freshman Year vs. Senior Year

(09/14/16 1:27pm)

Well, I’m finally a Dartmouth senior, and my younger brother is finally a freshman (at Princeton though, ew). Talking to him made me realize just how much a person can change during their first three years of college. Leading up to his first day, he claimed that he would never drink coffee. I naively said the same when I entered my freshman year—but then I discovered KAF. Here’s my take on just how different freshmen and seniors really are.

Guo: Dreams of my past

(09/28/16 5:51am)

The year is 2079. I hear a knock, a soft two thuds landing on my door. My eldest daughter walks in, holding a transparent storage box haphazardly duct-taped together. She kisses me on the cheek and drops the box near my feet. We open it together, carefully tearing the tape away. When all the tape has been balled up, I take one end of the lid, and my daughter the other. We hear the click of release, and I hold my breath, wondering how many memories lay dormant and forgotten.