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A Look Back on the Dartmouth Summer Research Project on Artificial Intelligence

(05/19/23 9:10am)

For six weeks in the summer of 1956, a group of scientists convened on Dartmouth’s campus for the Dartmouth Summer Research Project on Artificial Intelligence. It was at this meeting that the term “artificial intelligence,” was coined. Decades later, artificial intelligence has made significant advancements. While the recent onset of programs like ChatGPT are changing the artificial intelligence landscape once again, The Dartmouth investigates the history of artificial intelligence on campus.   

Behind the Belt: Sustainability Efforts in the Dish Washing Process at The Class of 1953 Commons

(05/19/23 9:05am)

Every day, students who dine in the Class of 1953 Commons drop their dirty dishes off on the conveyor belt, which leads to the dish room. To students, the belt makes it seem like leftover food and dirty dishes simply disappear. However, employees of Dartmouth Dining Services explained how they deal with high water use and food waste and as they consider ways to make dining on campus more sustainable. 

Dartmouth’s energy production: where we’ve come from and where we still need to go

(05/19/23 9:00am)

Recent developments, such as the opening of the Irving Institute, have sparked discussions about clean renewable energy on Dartmouth’s campus. The Dartmouth Hanover Heating Plant, which has been supplying campus with energy since 1903, is the oldest continuously operating co-generational energy plant in the country. Using cogeneration — heat and energy production — the plant supplies electricity and heat by sending low-pressure steam around campus. To create this steam, the plant runs off of No. 6 fuel oil, a type of residual oil characterized by both an extremely high-energy concentration as well as an extremely high rate of pollution.

Spotlight: Members of Student Band Frank Reflect on Battle of the Bands Win

(05/19/23 7:10am)

My favorite nights always include a performance by a student band. The sticky fraternity floors transform into dancing and stomping grounds, vibrating from the music blasting out of the speakers. I dance in the mosh pit with my friends as sweat streams down our faces and strangers slam against us. During these precious hours I forget about my classes, commitments and stressors, but the musicians put in hours of work preparing their sets for the shows. They learn the music, coordinate with the venue hosts and do a pre-show sound check. Although each show matters, there is one that requires extra preparation and dedication: Battle of the Bands.

Women at Green Key Through The Years

(05/19/23 7:15am)

In anticipation of this year’s Green Key weekend, I searched through the Rauner Special Collections Library to investigate the origins of our beloved spring celebration. As I flipped through files of newspaper clippings and memorandum, I found that before women were allowed to study at Dartmouth, they were coming to Green Key. A new question thus arose: How did an event on an all-male campus become so centered on women? 

Trends: Music Festivals Increase in Popularity and Create a Culture of their Own

(05/19/23 6:10am)

Music festivals seem to have become one answer to our generation’s short attention span and extravagant desire for live music. After a brief hiatus during the quiet times of the pandemic, music festivals are larger, more elaborate and more popular than ever before. These multi-day events cram hundreds of artists and thousands of attendees into an all-consuming escapist experience. The impermanence of the music festival signifies how millennials and Gen Z-ers value experiences over material purchases.

Dressed to Impress and Protect Our Planet

(05/19/23 7:05am)

 As the first days of May in Hanover bloomed, flowers were draped from the ceiling and grass mats lined the floor of Collis Common Ground, transforming it into a scene from a mythical garden for the Fashion Et Cetera Spring Fashion Show on May 3. Swirls of colorful lights shifted above the stage, and students sat on all sides of the catwalk constructed for the event. Some audience members held champagne flutes in their hands while others clapped. 42 student models walked down the catwalk in vibrant oranges and delicate whites, open-front shirts and plunging dress necklines.