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Students build snow castle reminiscient of first sculpture

(02/11/11 4:00am)

While most students trudged through the snow on the Green, a group of student volunteers worked vigorously over the past several weeks to complete an annual feat the snow sculpture. As a result of their efforts, layers of snow and ice hardened between sheets of plywood and became an 18-foot high castle the centerpiece of the 100th annual Winter Carnival.

Turkle analyzes need for technology

(02/11/11 4:00am)

Personal computers and cell phone technology have impacted many aspects of life, including dating, travel and privacy, Turkle said. Maintaining both personal boundaries and a constant connection to "the grid" is difficult, Turkle said, citing ethnographic research from her latest book, "Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other."

Greek orgs. support Green Team initiative

(02/07/11 4:00am)

After the organizers of the new Green Team bystander intervention program an initiative intended to reduce alcohol harm on campus announced the program at the General Assmbly meeting on Feb. 1, Greek organization leaders expressed strong support for the new student-run system. The Green Team organizers, who will host an information session Monday evening, will pilot the program at campus parties and events this term.

Modernity 101: The Virtual Registrar

(02/01/11 5:25pm)

The days of the ominous white "instructor permission card" will soon be over. A new online course selection interface will go live on February 9, according to Registrar of the College Meredith Braz. "I think that [it] will please students," Braz said about the updates in an interview with The Dartmouth. The add/drop process has been a notorious sore spot for students, but professors and students alike have often experienced issues. The course add/drop procedures, which used to require a visit with a major department professor for a signed permission card and a wait in line at the office of the registrar, will now be completed online through the BannerStudent interface, Braz said. Students will no longer have to travel back and forth from the registrar getting cards signed, she said. In addition to adding or dropping classes online, the new system will utilize a "prerequisite check" system, Braz said. This system will electronically confirm that students have met the necessary requirements for admission into a course before they can register for it, she said, adding that professors will be able to electronically override this prerequisite check and allow the student to register for the course if necessary. "We're piloting with Biology and [Psychological and Brain Sciences]," Braz said, because those departments experience issues with prerequisites during registration and would like to be the first to test this part of the new system. It's a similar story with courses that require instructor permission to register. Students can now obtain permission to take the course before registering through the site, after professors have placed an electronic permission notification on a student's record, Braz said. Students will receive a confirmation e-mail after professors give their permission, she added. All departments will use this pre-permission process. The Banner system will display notification messages throughout the registration process, an addition students testing the new system particularly enjoyed. "The feedback we've gotten so far has been very positive," Braz said. Registration for limited-enrollment courses will change slightly with the new system as well. Students who do not get spots in capped classes will have a higher chance of placement the next time they attempt to gain access to the class, Braz said. "We respect the priority engine that we're running," Braz said, noting that repeat application students will not be able to jump in front of others who have a higher priority based on departmental qualifications like major and seniority. Braz said she is open to feedback and that she hopes the new system will be simple and easy. "I think that we took the best of what Dartmouth had already designed ... and made sure to preserve those things that had been important," Braz said about the changes.

Daily Debriefing

(01/24/11 4:00am)

Taking tests helps students learn and retain information better than other studying methods, according to a Purdue University study published last Thursday in Science. As part of the study, 200 college students were asked to read passages about various science topics, take a test immediately following the reading and then take a test on the material one week later. Researchers determined that students who had written essays immediately following the reading were able to recall 50 percent more information than students who had studied the material on their own or who had constructed concept maps outlining the information, two strategies often valued by students and teachers. Other research has also indicated that testing increases student learning, The New York Times reported.

Students get ready for resume drop, recruiting

(01/11/11 4:00am)

Approximately 50 Dartmouth students all dressed in business attire and clutching their resumes sat riveted in their seats as they listened intently to the corporate recruiters visiting campus on the eve of the Jan. 11 resume drop deadline. Students did not make a sound throughout the presentations, save for the nervous laughter following the recruiters' pre-conceived one-liners.

Late-night shuttle to commence operation

(01/11/11 4:00am)

The College's newly-created safety shuttle service will begin transporting students around campus on Jan. 14, as one of acting Dean of the College Sylvia Spears' recently-announced health and safety initiatives. Students interviewed by The Dartmouth said that while they appreciate the safety measure, they worry that the system similar to those already in place at various other colleges will not operate late enough into the night.

TDI embarks on health care study

(01/05/11 4:00am)

The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice will participate in a new collaboration with Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and five other national health systems that aim to identify effective low-cost ways to deliver quality health care to patients across the country, TDI director James Weinstein said in an interview with The Dartmouth. Members of the collaboration will share data on various medical conditions in order to determine the most efficient practices.

Study: Consumption of milk may increase acne

(11/15/10 4:00am)

Due to naturally-occurring hormones found in dairy products, the consumption of milk may increase the likelihood of developing acne, according to an article authored by Dartmouth Medical School dermatology professor Bill Danby. The work, "Nutrition and Acne," was published in the most recent issue of Clinics in Dermatology, the official journal of the International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology.

NECC brings fiber optic cable to Upper Valley

(11/02/10 3:00am)

A new leg of a high-speed fiber optic cable will transmit high bandwidth internet to Hanover from Burlington, Vt., starting in February 2011, according to a University of Vermont press release. The upgraded network which is capable of transmitting data 35 times faster than Dartmouth's network will benefit College faculty who transmit large data files to other institutions, as well as Hanover residents, who will have access to a different branch of the cables, according to Ellen Waite-Franzen, vice president of information technology and chief information officer.

Daily Debriefing

(10/14/10 2:00am)

Newsweek ranked Dartmouth first among the 25 "most desirable rural schools" and eighth overall in the magazine's 2010 College Rankings. The rankings were based on criteria including student-faculty ratio, student population and U.S. News and World Report rankings for schools most committed to teaching. Dartmouth ranks 13th on Newsweek's "brainiacs" list, 13th on schools "stocked with jocks" and 11th out of the "best schools for power brokers." The College is also ranked the 24th most diverse school.

College stands behind e-mail pick

(10/01/10 2:00am)

Despite recent student outcry against the planned replacement of BlitzMail with Microsoft Online Services, administrators maintain that the new platform is best suited to the College's needs, according to Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer Ellen Waite-Franzen. The system which is still under development will soon be evaluated by advisory committees consisting of faculty, staff and students, she said.