Your Week 8 in Kimmy Schmidt GIFs

By Lucy Tantum | 5/16/16 7:36am

With week eight come some difficult choices: you could study for your midterm, or you could sit on the Green. You could write your essay, or you could sit on the Green. You could struggle through room draw, or you could resign yourself to making a home on the Green.

No matter what choices you make this week, "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" has a GIF to describe the experience. So here's your week eight (probably), as described by Kimmy and Titus:

Suddenly, it's warm enough to wear short sleeves:

But the next day, it’s cloudy and rainy again:

One morning, you make the executive decision to not be late for your 9L:

You space out for five minutes in class, and the prof is already on the next chapter:

So you go to office hours, but that just makes things worse:

Finally, you emerge from Baker-Berry to enjoy the sun:

That afternoon, you decide to run around Occom now that it’s finally warm out:

But you only make it halfway around before realizing how out of shape you are:

You look at the calendar and see that it’s almost halfway through May:

You remember that Green Key is only a few days away:

You consider that maybe it’s time to start finding a job/internship for the summer:

But you eventually decide that having a picnic on the Green sounds nicer:

Happy spring!

All GIFs courtesy of Netflix via

Lucy Tantum