Attention 19s: 8 Dining Hall Rules No One Told You

By Fiona Ewing, The Dartmouth Staff | 9/22/15 4:49am

  1. It’s okay to save seats and claim tables, but what you use as your placeholder matters. Your ID, backpack and coat are acceptable options. Clustering the napkins and salt and pepper shakers to the center of the table does not constitute a table saved.

  1. You have 0.053 seconds to place your order at Novack before all hell breaks loose. In other words, order at the rate of this dodgeball or prepare to be hit in the face with the words “WHO’S NEXT!?”

  1. You can check the FoCo menu online, so you really can’t complain if the food isn’t good that day. But you also can’t ever let anyone know that you actually check the FoCo menu.

  1. You shouldn’t be eating lunch or dinner at Novack before midterms begin. If you are…you need to love yourself.

  1. KAF is not part of DDS. You can use DBA, but you cannot use a meal swipe there. Learn this now before you learn it the hard way.

  1. You can get creative and order off the menu at the HOP. If you listen to the orders before and after yours, you’ll end up hearing some pretty unique food combinations. You may be dubious whether they’re actually good, but many have become tried and true student favorites.

  1. Not putting your silverware in the bin at Foco just makes you a bad person. It’s like worse than not recycling.

  1. No matter where you are, you will have to wait your turn in line. All attempts at cutting corners and putting yourself ahead will just backfire.

Fiona Ewing, The Dartmouth Staff