Editors' Note

by Lauren Budd and May Mansour | 5/3/17 2:00am

Let’s play a game, readers! We’ll give you a chance to get to know your Mirror editors — the opportunity for which we KNOW you’ve all been hoping when you run to the newspaper stands on Wednesday mornings, fingertips eager to grasp a freshly printed edition of the Mirror, sometimes fighting off crowds to get your own copy as they fly off the shelves. Anyway, hopefully we can entice you with a game of two truths and a lie — or in this case, considering the weekly theme “fiction,” two facts and a fiction.

Annette: 1) She’s only ever ordered one item from the Hop grill. 2) Her parents met in the AXA backyard. 3) She is a psychology major with a secret passion for math.

May: 1) She has visited upwards of 15 countries in the last three years. 2) She goes to the gym four times a week. 3) Michelle Rodriguez, who stars as Letty in the “Fast and the Furious” franchise, babysat May as a child.

Lauren: 1) She has gone viral on Twitter multiple times. 2) She grew up in Maine but doesn’t know how to ice skate or ski. 3) She thinks her life is full of meaning.

ANSWERS: Seeing as how Annette has an overt hatred for math (and avoids it at all costs) rather than a secret passion for it, her lie is the third statement. For May, considering that the only time she’s ever had to run is away from someone she dislikes, her second statement is false. Lastly, Lauren’s rather dark fictional statement is the third — it’s been a rough term for the Mirror team’s funniest editor.

Annette wanted to include Ray, our beloved editor-in-chief, in this fact/fiction game as well. Throughout their exhilarating production night in Robo, she took note of the following statements he declared: 1) “Mother’s Day is in March, and Father’s Day is in October.” 2) “I’ll stop playing my country music.” 3) “I’ll supply you guys with Boloco tonight.” Which statement is fictional? Trick question. Unfortunately for the Mirror editors (and to their confusion), all three comments were false.

This week’s issue explores many aspects of fiction, through stories focusing on student workers, financial aid, famous alumni, a “truth-o-meter,” feminist Shakespeare and creative writing. Enjoy the issue!

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