Editors' Note

by Lauren Budd and May Mansour | 5/17/17 2:10am

This week’s theme, vision, seems particularly apt in the last few nights before Green Key 2017 is upon us. All of us at the College have envisioned this weekend for an entire term now, perhaps even longer: we hoped it would bring an end to the cold weather, give us a break from midterm madness or even represent our last hurrah at the College (’17s, don’t go!)

Lauren envisions a big weekend in which she will finally make it to every single event held on Thursday, her favorite night. May’s vision is appropiately blurry: she describes it as “dance-y and sweaty.” Annette, meanwhile, wants to relax a bit and take in the dulcet strains of Sage the Gemini from the Fahey porch.

But as for now, your editors are reporting live from the newsroom, in which editor-in-chief gone rogue Ray Lu ’18 is holding them hostage and forced them to listen to the same remix for the past 46 minutes. Yes, you read that right: not the same playlist, the same single song. This is not how they envisioned their production night.

Whether you’ll be seeing double or keeping an eye on your friends this weekend, we hope our readers have a safe and fun Green Key, and enjoy this last issue before the pinnacle weekend!

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