If you don't know, now you know

by Charlie Rafkin | 3/5/15 7:35pm

How many times have you moved while at Dartmouth?

Of all the frustrating and invented competitions on campus, the competition for “who has moved from place to place the most terms on a row” is the most infuriating. Therefore I must participate. Counting off- and away-terms I’ve moved eight times since matriculating. Yuck.

Why choose to conclude The Mirror this week on “home”?

I have been ruling with an iron fist since taking over at The Mirror. This “home” issue is my trojan horse — an issue filled with sentiment to distract the public. Then I’ll spring something truly cold and callous on them when no one’s watching.

I still don’t feel at home at Dartmouth. Help?

Here’s the trouble with most discussion of home at the College — it assumes that people inevitably find that place here. I suspect most people end up tapping into some communities here in which they feel safe, but let’s also shift our discussion of home to recognize that, in any community, there are likely people who feel excluded.