Del Pozo for President

by The Dartmouth Editorial Board | 4/10/95 5:00am

Thechoice is clear. If Dartmouth want an effective government that will serve the students and will bicker less, then tomorrow students must vote for Brandon del Pozo '96 for Student Assembly president and Kelii Opulauoho '96 for vice president.

Del Pozo, the most qualified candidate for president, possesses the best understanding of the issues currently facing the Assembly and its role on campus.

Opulauoho is the best candidate for vice president because he complements del Pozo well. While del Pozo is primarily focused on student services, Opulauoho is more community oriented and in touch with the political issues that people care about.

Though Opulauoho is running on a ticket with presidential candidate Phil Ferrera '96, candidates should be judged on their individual merits. Del Pozo and Opulauoho are the best candidates in their respective races and will work well together once elected.

The Assembly serves two purposes. It exists to provide services to students and to act as the collective voice of the students to the administration and the College's Board of Trustees.

Del Pozo has the correct vision for what the Assembly should be. In an interview with The Dartmouth, del Pozo said he was centering his campaign around student services and improving the quality of life for Dartmouth students.

Some of his suggestions include a more comprehensive course guide available over the College's fileserver, increased bus service to major cities at the end of each term and a 24-hour crisis hotline for students.

These goals are each attainable and would help improve the quality of student life. Accomplishing these tasks would help bring respect back to the Assembly.

In addition, Del Pozo has more than one year's experience on the Assembly and is the current co-chair of the Assembly's Communications committee. He has an internal perspective of how the body works and what its problems are. This knowledge will help him succeed as president.

Although Del Pozo has often been outspoken on many controversial campus issues, he says he will first listen to students and take their opinions on important issues -- like freshman residence halls -- to administrators, with whom he already has working relationships.

With his belief in open philosophical debate, del Pozo would be able to reduce infighting within the Assembly. Instead of ignoring opposing views, Del Pozo says he will listen to all sides of an argument and would work toward compromise.

Most importantly, del Pozo says he will not take his election as a student mandate for his personal goals. He says he will continue to listen to students and serve their interests.

Both Ferrera and Jim Rich '96, the other candidates for Assembly president, have noble goals and ideas for the Assembly. But both lack del Pozo's understanding of how the campus and the Assembly work. Furthermore, neither has set attainable goals for his administration.

Opulauoho, like del Pozo, also possesses extensive experience as a campus leader. He has been an Area Coordinator, vice president of his fraternity and president of the Chamber Singers. He knows many different constituencies on campus and can help to assure their concerns are addressed by the Assembly.

As Assembly vice president, Opulauoho would bring legitimacy and respect to the Assembly, as well as an understanding of the diverse needs of the College community.

As chief parliamentarian, the vice president has significant power that can be used to cut down on bickering and conflict in the Assembly. Opulauoho tries very hard to be sensitive to the needs of everyone and to listen to their concerns, which will go a long way toward reducing the bickering.

Although Opulauoho has no experience on the Assembly, his enthusiasm and other leadership experience should offset this fact. In addition, Opulauoho already has a working relationship with many administrators on campus, which will make him a more effective lobbyist.

Del Pozo and Opulauoho would make a good team to lead the Assembly out of its recent troubles. Students would be wise to vote for both men tomorrow.