Clinton may vacation in New Hampshire

by Alicia Jennings | 7/14/94 5:00am

President Bill Clinton may vacation on southern New Hampshire's Squam Lake before heading to Martha's Vineyard for at least a week in August.

According to a July 7 Boston Globe report, a senior White House official, travelling with Clinton on his trip to Europe, said the President may spend a few days in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, possibly on "Golden Pond."

The official did not specify whether he was referring to Squam Lake where the movie "On Golden Pond" was filmed.

The College owns the Minary Center on Squam Lake.

When asked about the President's rumored vacation plans, College spokesman, Alex Hupp e , said, "I have not heard that, but it would be an ideal place. There is everything the President would need--privacy, beauty, security, wonderful food and a magnificent house."

New Hampshire Democratic officials and Lakes Region tourism officials also say they do not know if the President intends to vacation in the state, according to a July 9 article in The Valley News.

White House officials, in Georgia with the President yesterday, were unavailable for comment.

The College's Board of Trustees are scheduled to meet at the Minary Center for their summer retreat, according to Hupp e .

This retreat might coincide with the expected time for President's vacation, if Congress finishes work on health care reform by then.

A visit to New Hampshire, or the rumor of one, could work to the President's political benefit, according to the Globe report.

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