Debora Cobon



Tenure at Dartmouth: the path of recognition for faculty

At Dartmouth, classes are taught by faculty members with varying titles, from “instructor” to “assistant professor” to “professor” — and everything in between. Though the specifics of each position are often unknown to students, these different titles generally refer to stages in an important process: faculty tenure. 


Dartmouth students recently awarded national scholarships

Three undergraduates were recently recognized by national scholarship organizations for contributions within their fields of interest, adding to a list of over a dozen Dartmouth students who have been awarded national fellowships and scholarships this year. The Dartmouth sat down with three of these students — Gabrial Canfield ’21, Emma Esterman ’20 and Jason Wei ’20 — to discuss their achievements.

Practice rooms located in the basement of the Hopkins Center are in short supply for student musicians.


Students sign petition calling for more practice rooms

Frustrated by the limited availability of practice spaces, student musicians are planning to send a petition to the administration of the Hopkins Center for the Arts asking for the installation of more practice rooms for students early next week as part of upcoming renovation plans. 

Democrats are concerned that when HB 1264 comes into effect, it will limit the ability of college students to vote in New Hampshire.


Democrats criticize potential impact of new state voting bill

House Bill 1264, which would effectively bar many college students and “temporary residents” from voting in New Hampshire through its requirements for voters to establish residency in the state, is set to go into effect this July. Hoping to undo these provisions, New Hampshire Democrats are supporting bills in the state legislature that would reverse the effects of HB 1264.