Cassandra Thomas




Dartmouth student voters gain experience in swing state politics

Incoming freshmen may be bracing for their move to Hanover by investing in parkas and wool socks, low-cost Swedish furniture and new laptops. They may not expect, however, that moving to a swing state with a population of just 1.36 million people means they will also experience tight election races. In New Hampshire, elections have recently been, and may continue to be, decided by margins smaller than a Dartmouth class. Domestic students new to the state will have to make the decision of whether to vote absentee from home or partake in Hanover elections.


Dartmouth YouTubers broadcast experiences to large audiences

Plummeting acceptance rates, viral “Ivy Day” reaction videos and the recent college admissions scandal that spotlighted bribery at top institutions are all indicative of a nationwide fascination with prestigious colleges and the lives of the students who attend them.

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