Believe it or not, Hart has heart

Recently, I have heard much talk about Dartmouth Review mentor/National Review Assistant Editor/Cheatmonger/English Professor Jeffrey Hart speaking to the freshman class during Orientation Week.

All should fund Greeks Against Rape

August 24, 1993 5:00am

In a shocking development, there are people upset at the Greek system on campus. This time, it is over the Interfraternity Council's refusal to grant a target amount of money to Greeks Against Rape, an organization dedicated to educating pledges and to eliminating sexual assault. The idea behind Greeks Against Rape is noble, and the group should be supported.

Students must uphold honor code

August 24, 1993 5:00am

To the editor: I write in response to your 32 Robinson column "Fit to speak?" (The Dartmouth, August 20) regarding allegations of cheating in English 68, an enormous course held in Spaulding Auditorium with some 500 students. Several students complained to me about cheating on the midterm.

Richman fails to convey message

August 24, 1993 5:00am

To the Editor: In Dan Richman's column "Ideology is not equivalent to stupidity" (The Dartmouth, August 13) I found a number of interesting tidbits.

Fit to speak?

August 20, 1993 5:00am

The College is making a mistake by allowing retired English Professor Jeffrey Hart to give a speech entitled "How to get a Decent College Education, Even Today" to the Class of 1997 during Freshman Week. Last spring, Hart embarrassed the College by openly flouting Dartmouth's academic honor principle when he acknowledged cheating in his English 68 course and refused to do anything about it. While Hart's 30 years teaching experience qualifies him to discuss a liberal arts education in a general sense, his disregard for the honor code is inconsistent with Dartmouth's educational policies. The honor code is a pillar which upholds the basic educational mission of the College.

To read or not to read: Mill's Mall

August 17, 1993 5:00am

I do not like to read books or newspapers. I think they are a form of intellectual cheating. I like to solve my own problems and pull myself up by my own mental bootstraps, but when I read magazines or newspapers, they swipe the pleasure of solving problems from my grasp. For instance, in one particular magazine from 1981 I found the words to express a general distaste I have been feeling.

Avoid battle of the sexes

August 17, 1993 5:00am

There has been a disturbing trend recently involving Dartmouth men harassing Dartmouth women. In the past couple of weeks, one male decided it would be neat to call many females in the Gold Coast and Hitchcock dormitory clusters at insane hours of the morning and whisper to them.

Fraternities should fund Greeks Against Rape

August 17, 1993 5:00am

To the Editor: I am writing regarding the Greek system (the IFC in particular) and its refusal to grant Greeks Against Rape the money it requested for funding ("Greeks clash, compromise on rape awareness funding," The Dartmouth, August 13). The IFC cannot have it both ways: it cannot at once insist that Greeks Against Rape is a necessary organization (as it has in the past) and then refuse to fund it (as it is doing now). The Greek system is just digging itself further into a hole by not funding this group that originally was supposed to help address fundamental problems within the system. Furthermore, the burden of funding Greeks Against Rape should fall entirely on the Greek system.

Ideology is not equivalent to stupidity

August 13, 1993 5:00am

I'd like to shift gears this week and talk about what I see as a growing problem on this campus and nationwide. As my readers may know, some of the things I write are controversial.

Safety precautions pay off

August 13, 1993 5:00am

Surrounded by tree-lined mountains and a calm river, Hanover's rural, collegiate atmosphere provokes a very natural feeling of security deep inside all of us.

Feminists neglect mainstream

August 6, 1993 5:00am

Feminism is a tough issue to talk about because in many people's minds, to criticize feminists in any way makes you a bigot and a hatemonger.

Sexism still on campus

August 6, 1993 5:00am

After years of insisting that women not be called "girls," that female students be included in the alma mater and that every student aim to be a pillar of political correctness, it is baffling that most people on campus continue to use the word "freshman" day after day. Just looking at the word "freshman" makes its origins clear; it refers to men who are the "freshest" addition to an institution.

Look at the bright side

August 3, 1993 5:00am

Well, here we are, half done with our sophomore summer. I had wondered what the focus of the campus would be during this term, considering only a quarter of the students are here.