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All Creatures Great, Small and Wet

(05/24/06 9:00am)

When I was a boy, before I moved to the land of brownstones and apartment buildings, I used to spend warm afternoons crouched low in my backyard with a plastic cup. I would turn over flagstones, comb through dandelions and pansies and get dirt under my fingernails clawing through soil looking for bugs to put in my cup. Ants were easy to spot and catch, and Rolie Polies were effortlessly trapped between two fingers. However, the find that I relished most was the earthworm. I loved to see them squirm around in the bottom of my cup, leaking goo from their severed bodies (my bad).

Man versus ... Vending Machine?

(05/09/06 9:00am)

Recently, campus has been a hot-bed of issues. A left-of-center write-in candidate was chosen to replace our notoriously conservative lame duck; outraged students organized and skipped class on Monday to protest against the treatment of immigrants in America; even more students slept in to raise awareness about Sunday night drinking on Webster Avenue; over 150 students visited Dick's house with conjunctivitis ("the junk"); and countless others were kept inside, whooping the pertussis out of their lungs.

Wearing Your Drink on Your Sleeve

(04/11/06 9:00am)

Dartmouth Medical School published a study in April's issue of the American Journal of Preventative Medicine linking ownership of alcohol-branded merchandise (ABM) to experimentation with alcohol among 10 to 14 year olds. Basically, middle-school students who own t-shirts, baseball caps and other items bearing the names of alcohol companies were found more likely to have experimented with drinking.

Big Green Softies

(03/30/06 10:00am)

We were on the number four train heading uptown north of Union Square when a sleeping homeless man at the end of the car rolled on his side, removed his penis from his pants and started to urinate on the floor of the train. My friends and I, 16 at the time, were surprised, but even as the amber wave raced toward us, we remained calm in our seats. Our only reaction was gently tucking our feet out of harms way.


(01/13/06 11:00am)

Here at Dartmouth, people don't talk too often about local bands. In fact, I can only remember one time when my friends and I went to a concert and that was just because we didn't realize that Free Guinness at AD involved music. When I found out that I was to write about campus bands, I skeptically began a journey around campus that opened my eyes to an entire culture that I didn't know existed. Over the past few days, I was able to meet three campus bands, Reaction Speaks, Rightly Guided Thieves and Filligar, each rife with talent and very exciting to be around.

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