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Verbum Ultimum: A Hazy Definition

(10/28/11 2:00am)

This week, Director of Greek Letter Organizations and Societies Wes Schaub sounded an ominous note about the future of traditional pledge term activities at Dartmouth fraternities and sororities: "Most Greek leaders [are] people who understand that these are traditions but maybe might not have as much value as they once did" ("Greek orgs. evaluate pledge term activities," Oct. 26). Under Schaub's new leadership, Greek organizations are now receiving greater scrutiny for potential hazing than they have been in recent years. There is no doubt that some of the activities that comprise pledge terms at Dartmouth could rightly be considered dangerous and degrading. It is those activities, which occur at night in windowless basements and far from the eyes of administrators, that should be GLOS's primary concern.

Verbum Ultimum: An Ill-Advised Delay

(10/21/11 2:00am)

Last November, College President Jim Yong Kim announced that the College was finally undertaking a much-needed and long-awaited overhaul of the undergraduate student advising system. The new system, which would centralize all advising services in a single physical location, would be fully implemented by Fall 2011, Kim said in a previous interview with The Dartmouth Editorial Board ("College plans new advising system," Nov. 30, 2010).

Verbum Ultimum: Evaluating Our Standards

(10/14/11 2:00am)

Reading through the 12 recommendations recently put forth by the Committee on Standards Sexual Assault Review Committee, it is clear that both praise and criticism are in order. On one hand, the recommendations are sensible, long overdue updates to the College's policies and practices regarding sexual assault. On the other hand, the recommendations shed little light on the standard of evidence used for sexual assault reviews, keeping the process muddled and prolonging the widespread perception that the system is inconsistent and unreliable.

Verbum Ultimum: Debate Decorum

(10/07/11 2:00am)

Next Tuesday, the College will renew an exciting quadrennial tradition when GOP presidential contenders take the stage in Spaulding Auditorium for the ninth Republican primary debate of the 2012 election season. Hosting a debate is a tremendous honor one that only two other schools in the nation are currently scheduled to share. Students of all political persuasions should engage in the lively and spirited dialogue that the event will bring to our campus, but it is imperative that students and community members remember to set a civil and respectful tone for this discourse.

Verbum Ultimum: Employing Contemplation

(09/30/11 2:00am)

U.S. News and World Report confirmed this week what will come as no surprise to Dartmouth students: Internship experience is the norm, rather than the exception, on this campus ("College receives high ranking for internships," Sept. 30). More surprisingly, none of the other Ivies approach Dartmouth's percentage of graduating seniors who have previously held an internship. Dartmouth, which ranks third in the newly released U.S. News list, is the only Ivy to crack the top 10. This statistic is a powerful reminder of how Dartmouth's career-focused culture shapes students' expectations and beliefs in ways we often take for granted. The internship, practically a rite of passage for juniors on off-terms, is an integral part of Dartmouth's social current a current that also pressures students of all backgrounds and interests into participating in corporate recruiting each year.

VERBUM ULTIMUM: [Your Opinions Here]

(09/23/11 2:00am)

It is no secret that The Dartmouth's opinion page is widely and frequently criticized. Writers for this page receive every possible kind of feedback from our readership sometimes constructive, sometimes ridiculous, sometimes mean-spirited. Regardless of tone, many of our critics often seem to assume that we editors believe the opinion section is perfect. In reality, we, the members of The Dartmouth Editorial Board, are the most ardent critics of this page.

VERBUM ULTIMUM: Give Change a Chance

(05/27/11 2:00am)

Dartmouth students do not like change. Mention a new plan or College initiative, and students are likely to oppose it. Perhaps the resistance comes with the territory of attending a school with almost 250 years of history and tradition, but change is inevitable and necessary on a large, diverse and dynamic college campus. The many negative reactions to plans to convert the Main Hall of Baker-Berry Library, a classic Dartmouth space, into a more social area this winter were no exception ("Baker-Berry renovations to begin in spring," Jan. 14). But despite students' complaints, the College shifted the landscape of the library and the changes were completed this term.

VERBUM ULTIMUM: Inadequate Assembly

(05/20/11 2:00am)

This term has seen the rise of two issue-specific student committees in response to administrative action and inaction. Dartmouth Students for Dining Choice was founded to protest the newly announced changes to College meal plans and Access By Leadership in Equity members have expressed growing frustration with the lack of administrative progress toward enhancing accessibility resources ("Students protest against new DDS dining plan," May 10; "Students review accessibility issues," May 13). The current student-led initiatives supporting these movements are laudable. However, the Student Assembly, which is supposed to be the greatest advocate for Dartmouth undergraduates, has failed to take the lead in responding to either of these issues. The proliferation of ad hoc committees is a testament to the Assembly's inaction and inability to lobby meaningfully on behalf of the student body.

VERBUM ULTIMUM: Panhellenic Progress

(05/13/11 2:00am)

The eight Panhellenic presidents sent shock waves throughout campus on Wednesday when they announced that their sororities will begin canceling all social events with fraternities that fail to hastily initiate an internal adjudication hearing when one of their members assaults a female student ("Sororities announce new policy," May 12). The announcement has sparked a passionate debate about whether the policy is a wise course of action. Not surprisingly, much of the rhetoric has centered on the violent incident that occurred in a fraternity basement Saturday and triggered the new policy.

VERBUM ULTIMUM: Commencing Collaboration

(05/06/11 2:00am)

This week, college administrators scored two political victories that have generated significant buzz on campus and in the national press. The launch of Dartmouth's intercollegiate campaign against alcohol abuse, the Learning Collaborative on High-Risk Drinking, demonstrates that the College is still capable of formulating innovative solutions to inveterate campus issues. Also this week, the announcement that comedian Conan O'Brien will deliver this year's Commencement address has been met with great enthusiasm from students. Indeed, these announcements instilled hope in the student body that College administrators are not as out of touch with student opinion as they have sometimes seemed.

VERBUM ULTIMUM: Take Back the Conversation

(04/29/11 2:00am)

Tonight, students and administrators will march across campus as part of the nationwide Take Back the Night movement, offering support to victims of sexual assault and calling for an end to sexual violence. If the event is similar to those of past years, the relatively few participants will be predominantly female and already involved in campus organizations that deal with sexual assault.


(04/22/11 2:00am)

Our decision to publish Roger Lott's most recent column, "Education on Credit," April 18, has come under fire from a number of community members this week. It is not the first of Lott's columns to generate controversy, and it will surely not be the last. Given the intensity of the response to this piece, however, we feel it is necessary to articulate our vision for this page.

VERBUM ULTIMUM: Vote Yoeli, Sankar

(04/15/11 2:00am)

It has been an unconventional Student Assembly election season, to say the least. With only one officially registered presidential candidate on the ballot, a write-in candidate who is off campus and another write-in candidate who has been declared ineligible to run by the Election Planning and Advisory Committee, this election has been complicated and defined by a series of peripheral arguments. The true question, however, is not who is eligible to run, but which student is best suited to lead us through the next year a year sure to include further discussion of alcohol, sexual assault, diversity and gender balance issues on campus. Although all three candidates boast significant experience in Assembly leadership roles, Max Yoeli '12 has the record for success that our student body president needs.

VERBUM ULTIMUM: Living la Vida Local

(04/08/11 2:00am)

Last month, with little fanfare, College administrators made an exception to one of their most controversial policies. Beta Alpha Omega fraternity, formerly Beta Theta Pi fraternity, was recognized by the Inter-Fraternity Council on March 8 as a local fraternity, going against a six-year College prohibition of new local Greek organizations ("Beta returns as College examines ban on locals," April 8). The Board of Trustees, which will meet on campus this weekend, now has the opportunity to re-evaluate College protocol. The eradication of the rule would be a step in the right direction toward more equitable and gender-balanced social options on campus.

VERBUM ULTIMUM: The Parkhursted President

(04/01/11 2:00am)

Next Tuesday, April 5, Student Assembly will hold an unprecedented vote. The legislation in question would amend the Assembly constitution, allowing formerly suspended students to run for student body president and student body vice president. This vote is important for both the policy adjustment it proposes and the message it sends to campus about how we should treat formerly Parkhursted students.


(03/04/11 4:00am)

Campus dialogue this Winter has centered on particularly heavy issues, from the intractable problems of sexual assault and binge drinking to rising concern about the administration's approach to diversity. As the term draws to a close, however, we find ourselves alarmed about one of those "little things" an issue that might seem insignificant in a broader context, but that has an undeniably meaningful impact on our daily lives. Sometimes it is the little things that count, and in the case of the administration's proposed changes to our dining plan options, they count a whole lot. The new plan announced this week will trade our popular a la carte system for a hybrid system of paying for all-you-can-eat meals in the Class of 1953 Commons and buying individual items in other dining halls ("New plan to include pay-per-meal dining," March 2).

VERBUM ULTIMUM: Dangerous Politics

(02/25/11 4:00am)

Last Friday, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to strike a devastating blow to women's health care in this country. Two hundred and thirty Republicans and 10 Democrats voted to cut $317 million in funds for family planning assistance from the national budget in other words, every last penny of federal funding for family planning initiatives. Of that total, $75 million was designated for Planned Parenthood, which uses federal funding to provide STI screenings, breast and cervical cancer screenings, contraception, annual gynecological exams, HIV counseling and family planning advising. In New Hampshire, organizations that offer family planning services receive $1.4 million in federal funds, the majority of which go to six Planned Parenthood centers throughout the state ("New amendment may decrease Title X funds," Feb. 25). In their efforts to reduce access to abortions, supporters of the bill are recklessly gambling with American women's health.

VERBUM ULTIMUM: A Troubling Trifecta

(02/18/11 4:00am)

In the last several weeks, the Dartmouth community has witnessed what appears to be an exodus of strong, minority female administrators from Parkhurst Hall. The sudden resignation of Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Students Colleen Larimore this week ("Larimore announces resignation," Feb. 16) is the third similar departure announced this term acting Dean of the College Sylvia Spears announced in early January that she would not apply for the permanent dean of the College position and Samantha Ivery, assistant dean of student life, advisor to black students and acting director of the Center for Women and Gender, announced her resignation on Jan. 31.

VERBUM ULTIMUM: Diverse Discussions

(02/11/11 4:00am)

This Monday, the living room of Cutter-Shabazz Hall became the site of a lively, freewheeling discussion between students and College President Jim Yong Kim on the topics of racial and socioeconomic diversity at Dartmouth ("Kim reacts to student criticism of diversity," Feb. 8). Students from all corners of campus passionately shared their personal experiences with diversity and challenged Kim to identify tangible improvements made under his administration.

A Space of Their Own

(02/04/11 4:00am)

Last Spring, discussions at the College's termly Board of Trustees meeting centered overwhelmingly around budgetary issues. As a result, decisions about whether to approve funding and construction plans for Alpha Phi and Kappa Delta sororities' physical plants were postponed until a later date ("Sororities' construction plans remain unclear," Feb. 1). Due to weather concerns, the Board is scheduled to hold a conference call today in lieu of a traditional meeting, and it is crucial that this time, the plans are approved. The establishment of physical plants for all sororities will be a meaningful step toward achieving much-needed gender parity in the Dartmouth social system.