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The Not So Forgotten Class

(04/13/22 6:05am)

With mask mandates and required weekly testing now a thing of the past, it’s tempting to want to put COVID-19 behind us. However, two years of living through a pandemic have irreversibly impacted all of our lives, and for the Class of 2024, these years defined their introduction to Dartmouth — a time period usually characterized by community-building and fanfare, redefined in Fall 2020 by isolation and tragedy. With things seemingly returning to normal this spring, it’s time to check in with members of the so-called “forgotten” class once again. How are the ’24s doing now — and do they even identify with this title? 

Catholic Students Look Forward to Ash Wednesday

(03/02/22 7:15am)

Once a year, students and faculty alike take off their beanies and caps and appear sporting a different kind of headwear: a dark, ashy cross smeared on their foreheads. While those who do not celebrate may think that these individuals are part of some kind of strange cult, they are observing Ash Wednesday, an important marker for the beginning of a reflective time for Christians and Catholics. 

Track and field teams finish in seventh place at Ivy League Heptagonal Championships

(02/28/22 7:09am)

This past weekend, Dartmouth’s track and field teams competed in the Ivy League Heptagonal Championships at The Armory Track in New York City, hosted by Columbia University. The men’s and women’s teams both finished in seventh place with 36 and 43 points, respectively. 

Dear Dartmouth, Be My Valentine?

(02/09/22 7:10am)

The whipped cream brushes my lips as I sip my delectable hot chocolate. My eyes absorb the colorful spines in the romance novel section of Still North Books & Bar. As I sink into a plush, lime-colored chair, I know that my greens and grains salad and ABC toast will always be here for me. This cozy, magical bookstore is one of the many things I love about Dartmouth and its surroundings. With love in the air, let us relish in the beauty of Dartmouth College.

Skiing finishes second amid heavy snowfall at Vermont Carnival

(02/07/22 7:10am)

The Big Green participated in its third event of the season at the two-day Vermont Carnival held at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center this past weekend. Although the alpine events were postponed and ultimately canceled due to unsafe weather conditions brought on by an influx of snow, the Nordic events were able to proceed and ultimately dictated the scoring during the carnival. The Big Green placed second overall at 436 points, falling 82 points behind the University of Vermont and 100 points ahead of Middlebury College.

Graduate student eligibility extension denied for Classes of 2022, 2023 and 2024

(01/31/22 7:10am)

After breaking with tradition in February 2021 to allow senior athletes admitted in graduate programs at their schools to compete for an additional season, the Ivy League Council of Presidents has opted not to extend the same opportunity to other classes impacted by COVID-19. In a December 2021 email sent to the Ivy League Student Athletic Advisory Committee — a committee composed of representatives from each Ivy League college’s SAAC — and obtained by The Dartmouth, Ivy League executive director Robin Harris informed the committee that the council of presidents was “comfortable with the league’s current position and… not interested in expanding further eligibility to graduate students.”

Warily Wobbling in a Winter Wonderland

(01/12/22 7:15am)

As my friend Lexi Francis ’25 and I brave the cold, our clunky boots slosh against the snow with our puffers gliding against one another. We almost stop in our tracks when we see how a fellow Dartmouth student confronts the elements. Not only are they wearing shorts in the freezing cold, but they are wearing flip flops. Yes, flip flops. The quintessential summer footwear. I thought I would not see these until my return to Los Angeles in the spring. But lo and behold, they are making an appearance here in Hanover. Francis and I were shocked, but respect swelled within us for this brave soul defying winter expectations. 

Women’s rugby reflects on program’s second NIRA national championship in three seasons

(01/05/22 7:05am)

On Nov. 21, the women’s rugby team won the National Intercollegiate Rugby Association national championship, defeating Army West Point on their home field 28-18. The Big Green finished the season with an undefeated record and took home the national championship for the second time in three seasons.

Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, Vladimir Lenin, Oh My: A Tour of the Novack Posters

(11/17/21 7:10am)

As I walk through Baker-Berry, I see fellow students studying and socializing in FFB. It’s a comforting scene and a warm oasis as the weather grows colder each day. I make my way towards Novack Cafe with friends and see the daunting line, but the friendly Novack workers, buttery croissants and up-beat music make the wait worth it. Because the line is often long, it is very probable that you will see someone you know — a great opportunity to catch up and maybe even meet some new faces. In a way, the line is actually a blessing (that is, unless you are running from your 11 to 12 on a time crunch.) Regardless, while you wait, several posters pinned up on the wall are bound to catch the corner of your eye.

Norwich Farmers Market: It’s a Big Dill

(10/20/21 6:10am)

In New England, the autumn leaves are most certainly “falling down like pieces into place,” as Taylor Swift sings in “All Too Well.” The Norwich Farmers Market in Vermont is a fabulous fall excursion: This outdoor market has several vendors selling products ranging from fresh produce to skincare items to coffee. The environment is incredibly welcoming and visitors leave with delicious goodies and special memories.