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Pearl Jam's Cameron 'having fun' pursuing side project

(09/29/03 9:00am)

To be the drummer of one of America's most popular rock bands is a claim that few people can make. Rarer still is the claim to have been the drummer of one of America's most popular rock bands, and then lose that gig only to join what might be the most popular rock band in America. However, such is the story of Matt Cameron, whose driving beats have provided the engine first for Soundgarden and then for Pearl Jam.

Zevon's unique perspective is still intact on final LP

(09/24/03 9:00am)

Most people don't get the opportunity to attend their own wake. As Jeff Goldblum so famously noted in "The Big Chill," "they throw a great party for you on the one day they know you can't come." However, Warren Zevon's wake lasted for several months, and he was there for every day of it as he recorded his final album "The Wind."

'A Mighty Wind' marks a new direction for Guest

(05/12/03 9:00am)

Since making a documentary-style short for "Saturday Night Live" about a male synchronized swimming team, Christopher Guest has become the master of a genre of film that has come to be known as the mockumentary. But Guest has never been comfortable with that term, saying in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, "I hope that what people get out of this is a view of human behavior."

'View from the Top' doesn't ever get off the ground

(03/31/03 10:00am)

Billed as a light comedy, "View from the Top" is the latest in a genre I like to call "diet comedy." Like light cream cheese or low-fat chips, diet comedy bears somewhat of a resemblance to actual comedy, but it's watered-down and not nearly as enjoyable. In other words, "View from the Top" places greater emphasis on the "light" than the "comedy," and the result is that the movie is pleasant but boring and utterly forgettable.

We pick the best V-Day music

(02/13/03 11:00am)

Valentine's Day always seems to stir rather strong feelings in people. Be it the joy of being in the arms of someone you love or the sadness of being alone on a day celebrating couplehood, it will be hard to stay emotionally indifferent tomorrow. Thankfully, love -- and love lost -- have been favorite topics of songwriters for centuries. So while people's sentiments will run the gamut tomorrow, thankfully there's a song for everyone.

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