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Editor's Note

(10/19/16 5:28am)

When the editors first suggested “sex” as a theme, it was mostly because both had run dry of deep, profound theme ideas. After throwing around increasingly silly article ideas varying in seriousness (one potential survey question simply read, “Anal?”), however, Lauren and Hayley found that there is a lot to explore when it comes to the sex lives of Dartmouth students.

Editor's Note

(10/12/16 5:00am)

The leaves are changing, the weather is cold, the coffee in my dorm is 48 hours old. Happy week five. But enough with the moving poetry, or as Lauren maybe more aptly described it, “shoddy rhyme scheme.” In her defense, Hayley briefly considered Googling what couplets are. But, remembering who she is as a person and that she is sleep deprived, Hayley thought to herself, “Who cares.” While the first five sentences of our editors’ note seem to be trying to aggressively prove otherwise, at Dartmouth we have a lot of very talented and driven women.

Editor's Note

(10/05/16 4:20am)

Everyone is trying to escape from something. For Lauren, it’s the boredom of her 9L, in which she finds mental respite in daydreams only to be horrified when she checks the clock and 20 minutes have passed with zero knowledge gained. Hayley responded by saying that she’s disappointed that she doesn’t have any more off-terms to use to escape her real-world problems. Apparently, you are not truly a member of this mythical Real World so long as you are enrolled at the College.

Editor's Note

(09/28/16 5:51am)

Settling upon “Dreams” for this week’s theme proved a mistake for Hayley, as it only inspired Lauren to discuss, at length, her disgusting recurring dreams about her teeth becoming injured or falling out, even after Hayley pointedly remarked that she doesn’t think anyone really cares about anyone else’s dreams.

Editor's Note

(09/21/16 4:02am)

Please forgive us for using a Ralph Waldo Emerson quotation (we know how annoying that is), but it had us thinking this week — “The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” We like this quote because if this is, in fact, glory, then our survival this past week in spite of some rather pathetic shortcomings means that we have achieved greatness. Hayley lost her ID this week, and Lauren broke her phone, eliminating the possibility of meeting our needs for two of Dartmouth’s most important essentials: eating at dining halls and pretending to be busy on our phones to avoid awkward conversations. Contemplating our own mediocrity, we decided to make this issue about glory — what it means, who has it, who doesn’t and how close we come to achieving it. Enjoy!

Editor's Note

(08/12/16 2:00am)

Once upon a time, before Lauren and May had gained 20 pounds in EBAs pizza weight, had said farewell to their high school days of academic glory and were on the wrong (or right?) side of the X (the sexist notion that women get less attractive and men more desirable as our time at the College wears on), we were naive rising freshmen looking for advice. We asked: Are tutus acceptable everyday attire? Why is it spelled “Croo”? Will I ever make friends if I’m not a Facebook celebrity? Is raging a good or a bad thing?

What's in my flair box?

(08/12/16 2:00am)

Leave your high heels, tight dresses and nice button-downs at home: going out at Dartmouth requires a totally different wardrobe. Here, our party themes aren’t suggestions, they’re lifestyles. We call our particularly special items “flair,” and after a few years many of us end up with impressive collections. Just in case you’re still confused about what to pack, we pulled out a few choice pieces to help guide you:

Studying abroad at Dartmouth: Oh, the places you'll go!

(08/12/16 2:00am)

At Dartmouth, the flexibility of the D-Plan allows for students to take advantage of language study abroad programs (LSAs), foreign study programs (FSPs) and any variety of internships and programs ’round the girdled earth. In this article, we take a look at just a few of the opportunities Dartmouth students have taken advantage of over the past few years. This sampling is by no means exhaustive, as over 55 percent of students choose to study abroad on the over 80 total programs spanning six continents.

Panhell president steps down, citing institutional problems

(07/07/16 10:29pm)

Kalie Marsicano ’17 stepped down from her position as Panhellenic Council president at the end of spring term, citing institutional problems with the Greek system as a whole and personal reservations about perpetuating the system as reasons in an emailed statement to The Dartmouth. Vice president Lauren Huff ’17 will take her position through the end of the elected term as described in the Panhell bylaws.

Editor's Note

(10/09/15 1:15am)

When we were approached to co-edit the Homecoming issue, our agreement was instantaneous. The Parker/Lauren partnership dates back to before we even matriculated — when forced to interact constantly as Trippees, we realized we had a love/hate relationship forged in heaven, strengthened on the stunningly rigorous trails of Hiking II and tested in the newsroom, the classroom and the frat basement (Lauren’s pong game is about as weak as Parker’s ankles, which he injured dancing on Trips). One year, a trip to Nantucket and countless arguments later, we had proven that our insult-based relationship would stand the test of time and thought it only appropriate to apply our combined powers to a subject that’s personal, relevant and yet, somehow, still difficult to tackle.

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