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First Snowfall

(01/12/22 7:20am)

Now that we have officially begun 22W here at Dartmouth, inaugurated by the traditional school-wide snowball last Friday night, I think back to my first winter here in the still North. At that point, I had been living in Puerto Rico for almost five years, so I was very nervous about how I would adjust to the snow, ice and freezing wind. For the seniors who still remember, 19W was especially cold, and the temperature seemed to be hovering perpetually in the negatives.

The Odd One Out

(09/29/21 6:10am)

As a senior, I sometimes feel out of place in my introductory language course which is, predictably, largely dominated by freshmen. I sit down most mornings in ARAB 1, “First-Year Courses in Arabic” and I hear ’25s asking for directions, chatting about the first-year frat ban and discussing their WRIT 5 assignments. As someone who knows my way around Dartmouth and has taken my fair share of classes, I feel distinctly out of place.

Ending with a Bang

(09/15/21 6:10am)

When the pandemic hit in March of 2020, I thought that I had my life completely planned out – I had chosen my major, my extracurriculars and the career path I wanted to follow. Campus was a wonderfully hectic whirlwind of classes and friends, a Dartmouth bubble that felt cut off from the outside world. But my days were also stressful, dedicated to planning out my future rather than enjoying my present. This tension only increased when, during my sophomore winter, I began to hear news of an epidemic unfolding half a world away. Like many others, I felt an undercurrent of anxiety that started growing as case counts increased and the epidemic morphed into a pandemic. Even so, I was completely unprepared for the massive change in perspective that was coming my way. At the very end of the term, the pandemic reached Dartmouth, and I packed my bags for “five weeks of remote classes.” 

A Brief Investigation Into Notable Dartmouth News

(05/19/21 6:20am)

Throughout its history, the College has been embroiled in a series of scandals that have received national news coverage. While this coverage started out as lighthearted stories regarding athletics and Winter Carnival, in recent years, serious stories — from Greek life fraternity hazing to anti-Semitism to sexual assault settlements to online cheating controversies — have gained media attention. 

Dartmouth Innovation Accelerator for Cancer Awards $300,000 Prize For Novel Cancer Therapeutic

(05/05/21 6:15am)

At the end of 2020, the Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship partnered with the Norris Cotton Cancer Center at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center to launch the Dartmouth Innovations Accelerator for Cancer, an initiative seeking to reduce the time it takes for cancer therapies to come to market. Teams accepted into the Accelerator took a 10-week course in drug and medical device product development. Following the course, each team developed a pitch for their cancer-related innovation, and an external review panel decided which teams were ready to receive funding for their innovation.