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Concerned Alumni of Dartmouth host sold-out COVID-19 vaccine discussion panel and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at Hanover Inn

(05/02/23 9:05am)

On April 26, the Concerned Alumni of Dartmouth College hosted a sold-out roundtable discussion titled “Important Conversations Never Had — College COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates: Scientific, Legal and Ethical Considerations” at the Hanover Inn, followed by a speech from lawyer and presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. A Q&A session had originally been scheduled to take place after the panel, but the segment was canceled after Kennedy announced his last-minute appearance at the event, according to Michael Koss, a member of Concerned Alumni of Dartmouth College.

Jewish community members react to recent discovery of swastika drawn on campus

(05/02/23 9:10am)

On April 21, the Provost’s Office announced that a swastika had been drawn into the dirt on the side of the Green in a campus-wide email. Safety and Security documented the discovery of the symbol — which is associated with antisemitism and genocide perpetrated by the Nazi party — before removing it immediately, the email stated.  

Despite solid performances, women’s softball struggles to overcome losing streak, falling to Princeton, Holy Cross and Yale

(05/01/23 5:00am)

The Big Green women’s softball team fell to Princeton University at the Dartmouth Softball Park for their final home series this season. The double header on Friday started off strong in the Big Green’s favor, but the Tigers were able to shift momentum by clinching the following two games. 

The Run: A Team Sport

(05/01/23 5:05am)

Objectively, track and field is not a team sport. In team sports like soccer and basketball, an individual’s success depends on their team’s success. If you do not win, then none of your teammates win either. Track, on the other hand, is often scored on an individual basis — you could win your race, and everyone else on your team could lose theirs. There is also a perceived lack of teamwork: You do not have to pass a ball between teammates in a race, you do not have to cover for your teammates on defense and you certainly do not have a substitute if you get tired. That being said, it would be naive to discount the team aspect of track and field.

Trends: Access to Concert Tickets has Continually Diminished

(05/01/23 6:05am)

It is no longer enough to love your favorite artists; you now must put blood, sweat and tears into getting tickets to concerts if you want to see them live. Beyond the actual effort of obtaining tickets, prices have skyrocketed as fan’s demands from live music have become extraordinary. Gone are the days of casually attending concerts; instead, getting in has become a battle. While this is not a new issue, the scale of concerts and expectations of fans have escalated in the past few decades, making an already limited market increasingly competitive and expensive.  

Verbum Ultimum: Every Vote Counts

(04/28/23 8:05am)

On Wednesday, the Elections Planning and Advisory Committee announced the results of the 2023 undergraduate student elections. Besides the hotly contested elections for senior class president and vice president, the majority of races were either uncompetitive or nonexistent. Only two candidates were running on the ballot for three seats on the Class of 2026 class council, and four out of six Housing Communities did not have a full slate of balloted candidates for their respective class senator positions. Zero students ran for the Committee on Standards or Organizational Adjudication Committee seats, leaving these crucial roles in Dartmouth’s student disciplinary process temporarily undecided while the Elections Planning and Advisory Committee evaluates write-in candidates. Even in elections that managed to secure a full slate of candidates without write-in votes, there was only one contested election other than senior class president and vice president. Student indifference towards undergraduate elections hinders Dartmouth Student Government’s ability to represent the student body properly, and students should put in more of an effort to engage with their governing bodies — by voting in elections at a minimum, and by running for positions themselves if they want to effect positive change.

Dixon: A Story of Suppressed Dreams

(04/28/23 8:00am)

In elementary school, I wanted to be a pilot. I spent hours researching different airplanes and drawing them. I’m sure most of us had such dreams — perhaps some wanted to be an astronaut, others hoped to be a doctor and even more imagined being president. While my dream of becoming a pilot turned out to be a phase, I’ll never forget the passion and drive that a dream creates.

Q&A with James O. Freedman Presidential government professor Brendan Nyhan

(04/28/23 9:00am)

James O. Freedman Presidential government professor Brendan Nyhan was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in April. Nyhan, whose research explores misperceptions about politics and healthcare, is the co-founder of Bright Line Watch, a group that tracks perceptions of U.S. democracy. According to its website, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences “honors excellence and convenes leaders from every field of human endeavor to examine new ideas, address issues of importance to the nation and the world, and work together.” The Dartmouth sat down with Nyhan to talk about being elected to the Academy and his work on misinformation.

Women’s and men’s rugby both take away Ivy League 7s titles

(04/28/23 5:10am)

It was a Big Green sweep this past weekend, with both the women’s varsity rugby team and Dartmouth Rugby Football Club clinching Ivy League 7s titles. The tournament took place at Brophy Field, the Big Green’s home pitch — an “incredible” environment due to support from the student body and families of the athletes, according to men’s head coach Kyle Sumsion. 

Q&A with geography postdoctoral fellow Son Ca Lam

(04/28/23 9:05am)

This year, the American Council of Learned Societies awarded three Dartmouth scholars with 2023 fellowships: history lecturer Sarah Carson, second-year geography postdoctoral fellow Son Ca Lam and assistant religion professor Sara Swenson. The fellowship program “supports exceptional scholarship in the humanities and interpretive social sciences,” according to its website. The three join a cohort of 60 early-stage scholars from a pool of nearly 1,200 applicants, leading Dartmouth to tie the University of Washington this year for the largest number of recipients from a single institution, Dartmouth News reported. The Dartmouth sat down with Lam to hear more about her fellowship, research and goals. 

Dartmouth celebrates Earth Week

(04/28/23 9:10am)

On April 21, the Dartmouth community began celebrations for Earth Week — marking Dartmouth’s 53rd celebration of the global holiday aimed at fostering environmentalism. Campus events and activities, which will continue until April 30, have ranged from a town hall on the College’s sustainable energy transition to wildflower planting around the Upper Valley. 

Alsheikh: Make Fun With the Town

(04/27/23 8:00am)

It’s well-known that Dartmouth and the Town of Hanover don’t often mix. Many students are too busy worrying about their 10-week term to really care about what goes on in Hanover, and residents of the town are too busy dealing with real-life problems to care much about what goes on at Dartmouth. Where we do interact, it’s rarely positive: issues of New Hampshire voting and election candidates for the state House of Representatives frequently pit college and town against each other, making for an oddly antagonistic relationship.