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A Trip to Worthy Burger

(07/23/14 3:02pm)

I’ve been hearing a ton of rave reviews recently about the renowned Worthy Burger, so this week I decided I had to try it out for myself. Located about a half hour’s drive from campus in South Royalton, Vermont, the restaurant has a slightly rustic vibe that is thankfully accompanied by three ceiling fans and an air conditioner inside. The Worthy Burger atmosphere is a friendly hum of activity: the bar scene was hopping as ragey 30-somethings turned down for draft beers on this Tuesday night, the air had the slight tinge of wood smoke and the sound of chattering customers filled the seating area.

How To Prepare for Random Downpours

(07/21/14 5:03pm)

It’s sophomore summer, a time of tanning by the river and reading on the Green. Of course, each beautiful Hanover day we get comes at a price: the ever-looming threat of a sporadic downpour. There’s no rhyme or reason to this crazy New England weather, and even the forecasts can’t seem to get it down. Ever since I had to dump my bag on two of my roommates I saw walking so I could finish biking home through a sudden downpour a few weeks ago, I’ve been extra paranoid about making sure I’m prepared for the all-too-common swings in New Hampshire weather. Here are some tips I’ve accumulated through my own rainy experiences to avoid getting caught unprepared in the rain.

Beyond the Green: Five Tasty Farmer's Markets

(07/18/14 3:16pm)

As 14X grew closer this spring, exclamations of “You’re going to love sophomore summer!” and “I wish I could do it again!” seemed to jump up in every conversation I had. Sighs of “the farmer's markets!” also popped up more than I expected. So far, it’s all been true —especially the farmer’s markets! One of the quintessential summer activities, farmer’s markets have become big this summer, offering fun regardless of where the sunshine finds you.

Throwback Thursday: Eat Free for a Day, Orientation Style

(07/17/14 5:50pm)

It’s a classic first-week-of-college challenge: try to find free food for every meal. Doing this for a day during Freshman Orientation was incredibly easy, with clubs and groups of all kinds vying for our attention. But over sophomore summer, things have become more complicated. Nevertheless, I decided to take on this challenge and try to find three free meals this week. Here’s how my day went:

What They Missed: NPR's Best Songs of 2014 (So Far)

(07/17/14 1:23pm)

Critiquing best-of lists is usually a futile exercise. For one thing, taste is obviously subjective, and for another, writers tend to speak to the tastes of their specific audiences. To top it all off, at the end of the day the person writing the list is getting paid to do what I do for fun, so clearly he or she is doing something right. But when I read NPR’s recent list of their 50 Favorite Songs of 2014 (So Far), I did a double-take.

How The Ideal Saturday Goes Wrong During Sophomore Summer

(07/11/14 12:58pm)

Step 1: You’re going to wake up early and get so much done. Your alarm is set for 9 a.m. You’re getting brunch with some trippees at 10. You hear your alarm blaring and open your eyes, expecting a Snow-White-esque birds-chirping halo of sunshine. But it’s 1 p.m. Welcome to Saturday afternoon… and 12 new messages on your trippee GroupMe wondering where you are.

Collis Concoctions

(07/11/14 8:52am)

My goal for the past two terms has been to step up my FoCo game, especially with such limited DDS locations and hours during the summer. Collis, however, has always been harder for me to work with. Stir-fry and pasta are pretty straight-forward – pick a sauce, add some veggies, boom, you’re done. Trying to mix it up meant I had to get creative. But if you think your options are restricted, maybe you’re not thinking about it the right way.

"Save KAF" Petition Circulating Dartmouth Campus

(07/07/14 2:57pm) </> After the Dartmouth recently reported that the King Arthur Flour Café (KAF) in Dartmouth's Baker-Berry library may be closing in December 2014, students have started a petition to keep KAF on campus. The petition currently has 128 signatures. Check it out here: </> More information on this issue can be found here:

7 Awesome 4th of July Fails

(07/07/14 2:18pm)

It’s already T-minus 360 days until July 4, 2015, so you know you better start planning now. If this year’s Independence Day didn’t quite go how you thought it would, take it as a learning experience and make the next one even greater! We’ve come up with seven "foolproof" ways to celebrate the land of the free and the home of the brave.

6 Ways to Step Up Your IM Sports Game

(07/07/14 10:00am)

Summer is the perfect time to take up an intramural sport. Whether you’re showing off your softball skills or letting the World Cup get to your head and telling everyone you’re trying out “football,” chances are you could use some advice for amping up your IM game. Dust off those cleats and go borrow a real athlete for practice – we’re about to get sporty.

Brie and Apple Returns to KAF

(01/06/14 8:00pm)

For this week only, King Arthur Flour’s Baker-Berry cafe is once again selling the wildly popular brie and apple baguette sandwiches. They will be available this Tuesday through Thursday from 11 a.m. until the sandwiches sell out (probably 11:03 a.m.). This is the perfect excuse to skip the first week of 10As for nostalgic upperclassmen who haven't tasted a KAF sandwich since June and eager 17s hoping to finally understand the hype.

Sound/Unsound Exhibition Features Student Work From Music 34: Advanced Sound Design and Digital Music

(11/15/13 8:00am)

Pickling noises tickle my ears as I walk in to the Sound/Unsound Exhibition. There are ten or so exhibits spaced across the two rooms of the Hopkins Center Garage (just next to the Courtyard Café), plus an exhibit in a storage area too small to call its own room. The exhibits are the products of current and past students of Music 34: Advanced Sound Design and Digital Music. Undergraduate and graduate students attended the reception on Nov. 14, and were treated with delectable hors d' oeuvresand wine for those of age. The exhibits challenge traditional listening experiences with interactive elements. They were all strangely mysterious, for the most part, bending sounds into high and low frequencies based on three-dimensional motion, lights and buttons, for example. Many of the descriptions for the works only vaguely explained what was happening, much of the experience was up for individual interpretation. There was also mystery in the visual displays of the exhibits, serving as more than audio experiences; one of the works converted vibrations into a visual “pattern” onto the floor, for example.

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