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'Attention, Go'

(04/27/11 12:49am)

It works the other way, too. The Yale light­weight coach called Sat­ur­day’s per­fectly calm con­di­tions “an Easter mir­a­cle,” be­cause we had al­most resched­uled the rac­ing for Mon­day due to se­vere storm warn­ings. Who knows? Maybe the prob­lem is that me­te­o­rol­o­gists are in­com­pe­tent.

From the Archives: Tuck conference

(04/26/11 12:38am)

This Fri­day, the Tuck School of Busi­ness will host its an­nual Tuck India Busi­ness Con­fer­ence, a meet­ing "at the fore­front of ad­dress­ing the ris­ing pre-em­i­nence of India in global busi­ness," ac­cord­ing to the school's web­site. The con­fer­ence will in­vite promi­nent lead­ers, en­tre­pre­neurs and in­vestors to dis­cuss busi­ness strate­gies in the con­text of an eco­nom­i­cally emerg­ing India.

Szung Szongs: The Beastie Boys are back

(04/25/11 12:37am)

Szung Szongs: The Beastie Boys are back <="" img=""> Cour­tesy Of Gor­don And The Whale The Knicks are get­ting crushed by the Celtics in the play­offs, but New York City can take so­lace in the fact that the Brook­lyn-bred Beastie Boys are back in full force. The group will re­lease its new album “Hot Sauce Com­mit­tee Part Two” on May 3, and it streamed a live video of the album being played from speak­ers at the cen­ter court of the Madi­son Square Gar­den this week­end. The Beastie Boys also just re­leased a bonkers celebrity-laden half-hour video called “Fight For Your Right (Re­vis­ited),” a pe­riod piece of sorts that fol­lows the Beastie Boys after their sem­i­nal “Fight For Your Right” music video of may­hem. In a bizarre se­quence of events, Eli­jah Wood, Danny McBride and Seth Rogen strut around as Ad-Rock, MCA and Mike D, bump­ing into a dizzy­ing list of celebs that in­cludes Jason Schwartz­man, Steve Buscemi, Susan Saran­don, Ted Dan­son, Amy Poehler, Or­lando Bloom, Stan­ley Tucci, Will Ar­nett (who de­li­ciously chan­nels GOB in his brief ap­pear­ance) and Rainn Wil­son. The vast ma­jor­ity of these ap­pear­ances are hi­lar­i­ous throw­away shots that last for mere sec­onds. The video then ends in a dance off be­tween the Beastie Boys of 1986 and the Beastie Boys of the fu­ture (or pre­sent, de­pend­ing on how you look at it), played by Will Fer­rell, Jack Black and John C. Reilly. The face­off ends in a piss­ing match. I can’t make this up — every­one just starts piss­ing on each other. The video sags, but if you watch noth­ing else, fast for­ward to about 22 min­utes in to see this urine duel, which is bro­ken up by three cops played by the ac­tual B-Boys. Fer­rell in par­tic­u­lar shines in the video as he tries to untie a dance mat, be­com­ing hi­lar­i­ously frus­trated at whomever tied those damn knots. He also does dou­ble duty as a limo dri­ver play­ing cow­bell à la “Don’t Fear the Reaper.” The video fea­tures “Make Some Noise,” (avail­able over at Et Musique Pour Tous) the first sin­gle re­leased by the Boys in the lead-up to the album re­lease. The song has a real funky beat and some pretty great lyrics like “I burn the com­pe­ti­tion like a flamethrower/ My rhymes age like wine as I get older.” Maybe that’s a lit­tle too real, MCA. “Make Some Noise” is an­other re­bel­lious party an­them that I won’t hes­i­tate to get be­hind. But these guys are around 45 years old now, and sadly, it looks like the party could be draw­ing to a close — MCA had a bout with can­cer last year, and spec­u­la­tion has posed ques­tions about whether “Hot Sauce Com­mit­tee” will be his last pub­lic work. Nonethe­less, I’m cease­lessly amazed that these guys can stay so damn badass even into their for­ties. They’ve con­tin­ued to adapt cool, ma­tur­ing when they need to and get­ting in your face with their ir­rev­er­ent at­ti­tude any­where else. They aren’t the only aging mu­si­cians out there, but it’s one thing to bring “Bloody Sun­day” into your older years, and a to­tally dif­fer­ent thing to take “No Sleep Til Brook­lyn,” “Fight For Your Right,” and “Sab­o­tage” into mid­dle age.

Students can win iPad in exchange for survey data

(04/22/11 8:23pm)

<="" img=""> Courtesy Of Pdfdevices.Com Dartmouth’s Office of Institutional Research will be sending out surveys in hopes of gathering data regarding student experience at the College over the next few days. This year, participating students will be entered in a raffle for an iPad 2 after completing the online form. The College surveys students at several points during their Dartmouth careers, especially during freshman and senior years. While the current survey is intended to be an overview of Dartmouth as a whole, past response rates to College survyes have been low. The most recent senior survey had a response rate of 56 percent from students and “we’ve gotten response rates that have been a little lower,” Lynn Foster-Johnson, acting director of institutional research, said. The survey is being conducted through the Office of Institutional Research, which works to provide Dartmouth’s administration with statistics and feedback about student performance and opinions. The survey was designed by the Consortium on Financing Higher Education, and this year’s survey will be administered by MIT. While each school in the COFHE group analyzes its own data, some of the information gathered from the survey will be shared with peer institutions, Foster-Johnson said. “We are very careful about the information that we share,” and the importance Dartmouth student’s confidentiality is taken seriously, she said. Information from prior surveys can be seen at the Office of Institutional Research’s website. Student surveys from 2006-2008 are available on the site, and more recent information about Dartmouth “facts and figures” from 2010 is posted.

Happy 300th! Eleazar is an old geezer

(04/21/11 11:24pm)

    April 22, 2011 is a very important day. No no, not because it's Earth Day. We're over that. Instead — trumpets please — today is Eleazar Wheelock's 300th birthday! Happy Birthday Eleazar! That's right, on this day in 1711, all of our lives were changed forever by the birth of Old Weazy in Windham, Conn. Hey may not have a super sweet Google graphic today (jump penguin, jump!), but he did found a pretty cool college.

Kat Food: Morano Gelato

(04/21/11 8:15pm)

<="" img=""> Spotted: Morano Gelato constructing a store of its own right next to the Nugget! Opening day is scheduled for sometime in late April or early May, according to the company's website. Owner Morgan Morano had previously sold her products in Rosey Jekes. Morano, who spent six years in Italy before returning to the Upper Valley, began her business in 2010. Luckily for us, she brought the tradition of Italian gelato with her. This Italian frozen dessert is denser and has a lower butterfat content (between 4 and 9 percent compared to 14 and 25 percent for other dairy desserts) than traditional, American ice cream (i.e. no need to feel guilty about eating that second or third serving). Typical gelato flavors include chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut and stracciatella (the Italian equivalent of chocolate chip). Keep an eye out for opening day! Hopefully, warm weather will come with it. In the meantime, check out Morano Gelato’s website and pretend that you’re on the Amalfi Coast.

Kat Food: Flavors of the Valley

(04/18/11 7:47pm)

This past November, I returned home from the German FSP in Berlin with an overweight suitcase carrying 15 extra pounds of Haribo gummies, German chocolate and tubs of marzipan. Granted, my suitcase wasn’t the only thing that came back significantly heavier than when it left. But inspiration for this food blog didn’t solely come from Berlin. It also came from a weekend trip to Dublin with a fellow ’12. In true Dartmouth fashion, we modified the frat circuit to a food crawl, and realized how much we were missing by confining ourselves to the dining halls of Dartmouth College. You can only make the perfect HP sandwich so many times (RIP Panini Press). Kat Food will be dedicated to bringing you the most up-to-date food news — menu specials, restaurant events, food festivals — in the greater Hanover area. The goal is to give you the highlights and lowlights of dining outside of DDS, so that you don’t, well, eat anything that actually tastes like cat food. This Sunday, I drove 10 minutes to Hartford High School for the 10th Annual Flavors of the Valley food festivities. The all day-event brought local farmers and chefs together to show off their best products and dishes. Vendors ranged from dairy and produce farmers to candy makers and chocolatiers. Entrance fee was $8.00, but food samples were unlimited. Highlights: Lyme Inn: This dark horse vendor stole the show with its clam fritters. Deep-fried on the spot, they were light and fluffy, and not fishy at all. The menu is reasonably priced (comparable to Murphy’s) and the restaurant would be a great way to beat the crowds during Parent’s Weekend. Dinner is Wednesday to Sunday starting at 5 p.m., and Sunday Brunch is from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Cherry Hill Farm: Located in Springfield, Vt., this farm offers pick-your-own berries during the summer. Varieties include raspberries, gooseberries and black and red currants. Despite the fairly long drive (about 40 minutes), it would be a great sophomore Summer off-campus event. Murphy’s: The restaurant is creating a hybrid starter from its nachos and jumbo lump crabmeat sliders. The new appetizer? Corn chips with guacamole and crabmeat. Nothing bold, but a nice change of pace from Murphy’s staple menu items. Lowlights: *Canoe Club: A lackluster performance — the Pasta Bolognese was creamy, but a bit bland as the “onions and herbs” mentioned on the menu were missing. The Upper Valley caprese was fresh, but nothing exciting. Time for some upgrades. *Being mistaken for a Hartford High student: No wonder I’m always carded at Stinson’s. Flavor pics: Maple syrup had, unsurprisingly, a strong showing.   <="" img=""> One farm had a terrarium with fluffy chicks on display- thankfully they were a few tables away from vendors serving chicken.   <="" img=""> Several tables had samples of local ham and bacon.   <="" img=""> Chocolate cheese was on of the more unusual products present.   <="" img=""> More than a dozen jars of jams and pickles including everything from the mundane (a very nice apple jam) to the strange (pickled tongue?).   <="" img=""> One woman used a human blending system to make green smoothies.   <="" img="">

Sean Has Thoughts and Writes Them Down: Where can I get some Dartmouth swag?

(04/18/11 7:44pm)

“Where can I get some Dartmouth swag?” The Co-op, Traditionally Trendy and the bookstore if you’re really scrapping the bottom of the barrel. “Where’s the best place to get coffee in town?” I need to start talking to Dirt Cowboy about swinging a commission for this one. “So be honest with me . . . what’s the drug culture like here?” I don’t know, pretty standard college drug use. We’re all good kids here ultimately. “Can I get a campus map?” Yeah sure, this is where we are, and this is where McNutt is. It takes 5 minutes to get anywhere so you’ll have to work hard to get lost. “Do you like it here?” Yes. During prospie season, it’s funny to see parents leading their high school seniors around by invisible leashes. Some parents have a burning look in their eyes when they ask probing questions about the seedy underbelly of collegiate life. They relish in being the cool parent and love to cut through the bullshit to talk about drugs, alcohol and sex. Their kids stand the farthest away and occasionally try to blend in with another family. Other parents have already had their kids abandon them and take the opportunity to question students one-on-one about whether their child can get by at Dartmouth. Their offspring is usually some combination of a really good kid at heart, isn’t interested in drinking and is an athlete but not like those other athletes who only got in based on their non-academic skills. Parents seem to either want their kids to remain forever imprisoned in amber as their mother’s child, or to be forged in the furnace of sin and hedonism. What most parents don’t grasp quite yet is that once they recede from the picture and send their little valedictorians and weekend soup kitchen warriors off to college, kids will finally have the opportunity to be themselves, out from under the watchful Dr. T. J. Eckleburg-like eyes of their parents. How things play out from there is anyone’s guess. But trying to cop some fresh Dartmouth swag might be the single best thing a parent can do for their kid on the cusp of independence.   <="" img=""> Courtesy Of The Dartmouth Co Op

Welcome to Dartbeat!

(04/11/11 7:22pm)

It has always really bothered us that The D’s old blog was called Above the Fold. Like, come on, The D doesn’t even have a horizontal fold. Nothing can be above a fold that doesn’t exist. So when we took over The D last term, the ’12s Directorate knew we had to do something about this terrible problem, and quickly. But as it turns out, there’s nothing quick about creating an entirely new website and blog personality. We brainstormed, tinkered, designed, edited and survey-monkeyed for months, until we’d all had so many coffees and Diet Cokes that our hearts simultaneously exploded. And in that moment, it came to us! Dartbeat! The blog that is so hip, so on, so fun, so fast that it makes your heart stop. Or something like that. So here it is, The D’s new baby, the vision we’ve been working towards and smiling about for weeks. It has a new name, a new look and even a new section — Pop, for all your Dartmouth pop culture needs! We couldn’t be prouder of our new baby blog, but we know there’s always room for improvement. We want to know what you like, what you don’t like, and what you don’t get. So please, try out Dartbeat and let us know what you think. We hope you love it. We hope you talk about it. And most of all, we hope you read it. Hearts, Emma Fidel, Editor-in-Chief Alina Everett, Publisher Tatiana Cooke, Online Editor

Sean Has Thoughts and Writes Them Down: Beginnings are hard

(04/11/11 7:19pm)

Hanover in the spring is good and only gets better. I can feel the world around me growing warmer and frankly, it makes everyone noticeably happier. In the winter, people can be downright sour. Spring, however, endows us with a sense of rebirth and renewal. And besides, so many people are back on campus after escaping to warmer climes that Dartmouth becomes literally an entirely different school. I've been having an unusual Spring term. For the first time in my academic career, I have not attended a single class since coming back to campus. I've woken up at 7:30 a.m. nearly every day. I've honed my blitz game and upped the Twitter output. I've had lots of time to sit and cogitate deeply about things like, "What's a better word than plain old 'think'?" How? I'm pulling 40 hours a week as the Collis Desk Manager and rapidly accruing more small talk experience than I ever thought I'd need. I'll be writing about that in the future perhaps (let's not pigeonhole ourselves, right?) but for now, I'm taking this stuff all conceptually. One thing I keep thinking about is how spectacularly difficult starting something for the first time can be. And when you cogitate about something at the Collis info desk, you cogitate long and hard. Trust me, there is a lot of downtime in between absentmindedly renting out frisbees and refilling GreenPrint. Here goes: Beginnings are hard. Middles can be difficult and often are regrettably unmemorable, and endings are infinitely hard to walk away from, but still, beginnings remain far and away one of the hardest things in life. How to convey who I am to you in the brief moment we have before paradigm-determining impressions are cemented? How to say: No, wait, this is not the whole of me, there is so much more that I only need time to show you? How to carefully pace the gradual unveiling of oneself to another? To know that all that you are and will be and want to be but cannot be understood in a minute or a week or a single conversation or blog post? Beginnings are hard. In that fleeting instant when we stand at the cusp of something fresh, that instant before we become aware but which nearly everyone unconsciously intuits — in that passing instant, we stand at a nexus point, a crossroads (perhaps even a visible one like this view from the info desk) that, yes, will lead us down one path, but at which we cannot help but linger in contemplation of the galaxy of possibilities that causes our hearts to race and our chests to swell in that way only this particular moment can. Or maybe this is just me? Hi, I'm Sean and I'll be writing for Dartbeat. Come back and watch as we take it out of it swaddling clothes and it grows into a big boy blog. Don't blink! Dartbeat will be a teenager off at college writing for its own blog before you even know it.   <="" img="">

Pierce Jokes About Sex, Sort Of

(02/22/11 7:10pm)

Sex come­di­enne Cindy Pierce kicked off V-Week with a warn­ing that her show would be a no-holds-barred, sex­u­ally ex­plicit night, and then out­lined her main goal of the pro­gram: to have women “be pre­sent in your body, re­gard­less of how it looks or how you feel about it, [be­cause] when you’ve got your plea­sure zones di­aled in, noth­ing can stop you.” Pierce’s ma­te­r­ial cov­ered col­lege and post-col­lege sex cul­ture on Mon­day dur­ing the hour-and-forty-minute long show in a packed Col­lis Com­mon Ground.

Kickin' and Glidin': Carnival Culture

(02/16/11 6:57pm)

Schools on the Eastern skiing circuit have varying amounts of pride in their respective Carnivals: Middlebury gets a few students out to watch its races, for example, but not many people made the drive from Saint Lawrence University to Lake Placid, N.Y., for the Saint Lawrence Carnival. Certainly nobody has a campus celebration that stands up to Dartmouth Carnival, what with the ice sculpture, Polar Bear Plunge and weekend festivities.

Valentine's Day Round-Up

(02/15/11 6:56pm)

In honor of this auspicious holiday, I have compiled a list of the top 10 romantic things to do with a newfound post-Vday sweetie. Whether you’re a believer in love, a hater of the Hallmark holiday or just want to use the occasion to break out of your usual daily pattern, these activities are a great way to show your appreciation for one another and brighten the cold winter months.

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