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Student Spotlight: Casual Thursday president Connor Lehan ’18

(02/01/18 5:00am)

For a leader, it can often be difficult to strike a balance between pushing group members toward growth and making everyone feel motivated and supported. Connor Lehan ’18 has managed to do both as the president of Casual Thursday. An economics major and computer science minor, Lehan has been a member of the student improv group Casual Thursday since his freshman fall, when he fell in love with improv as an outlet for channeling the wacky side of personality. 

Student spotlight: performer and activist Gricelda Ramos

(01/30/18 6:00am)

As February approaches, Dartmouth students begin preparations for V-Day, the global movement to end violence against girls and women. Many talented and dedicated students come together during the month of February to support the cause and promote gender equity through V-February, Dartmouth’s version of the global movement. One of these students is Gricelda Ramos ’18, a geography modified with Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean studies major. As a student with passion in both theatrical performance and social issues, Ramos will be directing the V-Feb program. According to Ramos, despite the fact that she is not a theater major, her passion for theater is immeasurable. 

Student Spotlight: Kevin Soraci ’18, painter and engineer

(11/09/17 5:00am)

There are many people who paint, but there are not many who use emoji as a source of inspiration — Kevin Soraci ’18 is both. A studio art and engineering double major, Soraci has been painting for about seven years. Although he can’t recall how he got started, he remembers instantly falling in love with the sense of calm that painting gives him. For Soraci, painting is a way to engage with our culture conceptually, he said. 

Student Spotlight: photographer and poet Cecilia Torres ’18

(10/05/17 4:00am)

Dartmouth’s isolated location and idyllic campus can often feel like a haven from pressing social issues, lulling students and faculty into complacency. Painter, photographer and poet Cecilia Torres ’18 confronts issues of racism and representation in an effort to reach beyond this veil of comfort, using her brush, pencil, camera and words as weapons in the battle to make minorities’ voices heard on campus. 

Student Spotlight: director, performer Virginia Ogden ’18

(09/28/17 4:15am)

As director of last spring’s student production “What Every Girl Should Know,” president of the all-female a cappella group the Subtleties and actress in “In The Next Room,” “Urinetown” and this fall’s “Cabaret,” performer and playwright Virginia Ogden ’18 has completely immersed herself in the arts at Dartmouth. Ogden spent the past summer as a student at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art as part of the Dartmouth theater foreign study program.

Student Spotlight: Amy Liang ’17, ballerina to belly dancer

(04/11/17 5:00am)

After spending four years packing schedules with advanced classes, extracurricular activities, volunteering and other application-boosting obligations, most undergraduate students enter college and begin to specialize, dropping wide-ranging affairs in order to hone pet passions. While many still participate in non-academic pursuits, the general trend is to pick a couple and stick to them for the duration of the collegiate career.

Student Spotlight: Julie Solomon ’17, set designer and musician

(04/04/17 4:00am)

Julie Solomon ’17 is an integral member of Dartmouth’s theater department — she is its go-to person for set design, a passion she discovered in high school almost by accident. After not getting a part in her school play, she was invited to work on the set crew instead. It was then that she fell in love with set design and chose to continue pursuing it, excited to build props and even use power tools.

Student Spotlight on Alex Lopez ’15, political activist and writer

(02/21/17 5:00am)

Everyone at Dartmouth excels at something, but it is rare to find a student who manages to surpass expectations in countless different fields. While choosing to major in English with a concentration in creative writing, Alex Lopez ’15 has expanded his time at Dartmouth beyond the traditional academic bounds, pursuing coursework and internships in the fields of sustainability, finance, politics and numerous other areas.

Student Spotlight: Multitalented artist Emily Neely '17

(11/03/16 4:00am)

Emily Neely ’17’s love of art started as a child when she would hand-copy pictures of horses, her favorite animals, from encyclopedias and books. Her mother noticed her proclivity for drawing and painting and suggested she attend an arts high school, where she concentrated on visual art. As a studio art minor at Dartmouth, she has continued to develop her style and technique while trying to find the intersection between her interests in sociology and art.