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The Redshirt Senior: Looking ahead to the NCAA tournament

(01/28/19 7:05am)

As conference play in men’s college basketball keeps moving forward, the picture starts to look a bit clearer regarding which teams have a chance to make it far in the postseason. Some teams that shined early in the season have struggled against teams from their own conference (like St. John’s University), while other teams have come on strong in recent weeks (like the University of Louisville). Which teams from the power conferences will make the NCAA Tournament and have the potential to go far?

The Accidental Fan: The Game Day Experience

(01/25/19 7:10am)

You might wonder why people enjoy going to live concerts. If you can get better sound quality in the comfort of your own home, why would you venture out, driving, riding or even flying long distances just to be pushed and jostled and deafened? However, someone who likes going to concerts might tell you that the live performance, the energy of the performers and the crowd make it worth it. Going to a sports game is much the same. Why wouldn’t you just watch on TV? You get commentary! You can actually see what is going on! You get instant replays! But there is something unique and energizing about being in the stadium or arena with a crowd. The action is closer, people all around you are reacting to their team and you may be deeply affected by those reactions. 

Soccer players Ikoba ’19 and Donawa ’19 drafted into MLS

(01/25/19 7:00am)

Dartmouth men’s soccer team veterans Eduvie Ikoba ’19 and Justin Donawa ’19 were both looking forward to successful senior seasons with the Big Green as two of the team’s top players. Both players faced injuries throughout the season however, and as a result, the team struggled to score goals. Consequently, the team finished with a 4-1-2 Ivy League conference record and suffered its first year without an Ivy League title in the past four years. This marked the only year in which the ’19s class did not bring home an Ivy League title. 

The Redshirt Senior: A strong opinion about the Pac-12

(01/14/19 7:15am)

I admittedly only have strong opinions about very few things. For example, I think that undercover traffic cops are bad for society and that the very premise undermines the idea that police should be viewed as a resource available to assist the public at any moment’s notice. I also feel strongly about college sports — I wouldn’t be writing this column if I didn’t. The fact that I feel so strongly about college sports and the way they are run brings me to the fact that the Pac-12 athletic conference is having a historically bad basketball season, and the issues spread beyond the court.

The Accidental Fan: GOOAALLL!!!

(01/14/19 7:20am)

In this column over the summer, I explored how I became an “Accidental Fan” and the many different ways that all types of fans can engage with sports. Too often, the world of sports is overshadowed by the idea that to be a fan, one must know everything about a sport or multiple sports and watch them religiously. Well, as I discussed last summer, that has never been my experience with sports. And during my off term this past fall, I had the opportunity to add more sports and teams to my list of Accidental Interests.

Football team racks up postseason awards following 9-1 season

(01/14/19 7:10am)

Looking back at Dartmouth football’s 9-1 fall campaign, there is little doubt that the team’s season was a great one. Among the team’s nine victories were a 49-7 shellacking of Brown University, a 41-18 defeat of Yale University and a 24-17 win over Harvard University, the first for the Big Green against the Crimson in 15 years. Despite the one loss (a 5-point fall to eventual Ivy League champions Princeton University), the team’s historic campaign was capped by being named No. 15 in the American Football Coaches Association FCS postseason poll and No. 18 in the STATS poll, the best end of the year finish for the Big Green since 1978. Dartmouth was powered to this success on both sides of the ball, allowing the fourth fewest yards and second fewest points, while the Big Green offense matched with 17th in points per game. These statistics demonstrate Dartmouth’s success as a team, but the individuals behind those numbers stand out on their own, and several were honored to that extent in the time since the season ended.

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