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Editors' Note: Homecoming Issue 2019

(10/11/19 5:45am)

Metamorphosis and migration are essential biological processes for many animals. For butterflies, metamorphosis is divided into distinct life cycle stages — egg, larva, pupa and adult. For humans, the process of maturation is messy, blurred and possibly indefinite. However, Dartmouth serves as a rare exception that allows us to point to a finite period of transformation. Migration, the seasonal movement of animals from one region to another, parallels the Homecoming experience. 

Hill-Weld: These Aren't My Woods

(10/11/19 6:00am)

When I arrived on campus in the fall of 2016, I became the first student — to my knowledge — from Nevada Union High School to ever attend Dartmouth College. Even if I wasn’t the first, I may as well have been. The comfort and security I knew from growing up in a small town where the kids I graduated high school with had known me for a majority of my years vanished the instance I accepted my offer of admission. The ’20s I had been fortunate enough to know prior to our arrival — namely, two boys I had become friends with at debate camp in high school — provided me with the perfect opportunity to latch onto the safety of familiarity. What I did not realize, however, was that there was a categorical difference between the familiarity I was developing with new people at Dartmouth and that which I had treasured at home.

Horan: It's All About the Benjamins

(10/11/19 6:15am)

When you turn on a televised football game, it is hard to distinguish between a college game and a professional one. The so-called “amateur” football games in this country — just like their professional counterparts — feature enormous stadiums with six-figure capacity, corporate sponsorships, reels of commercials and even military flyovers all contributing to an unmistakable atmosphere of all-American insanity. 

Verbum Ultimum: Dartmouth's Inconvenient Truth

(10/11/19 6:15am)

Fall term brings many perennial favorites to the College: a new freshman class, football, Homecoming and fall foliage. It also features rush — a period of several weeks in which many sophomores seek admittance to Dartmouth’s fraternities and sororities. The Editorial Board commented last week on the rush process, but what happens when that process ends? 

TTLG: Making Dartmouth Home from Far Away

(08/30/19 6:15am)

When people find out that I go to Dartmouth, they often ask me, “How do you like it?” Even though I should know how to respond as a rising senior, it’s a question that I still struggle with. In the few seconds it takes for me to conjure up a response, I find it difficult to encapsulate all of my experiences, thoughts and feelings into a coherent response without seeming too enamored — or conversely, disillusioned by a lot of what I’ve experienced on this campus. My answer has evolved from term to term, but providing an honest and critical response to this question may seem inappropriate or perhaps ungrateful to some. 

A look into the history and traditions of First-Year Trips

(08/30/19 10:45am)

In August and September, members of the College’s incoming class arrive on campus for First-Year Trips, a five-day outdoor program run by students before orientation week. Trips, officially run by the Dartmouth Outing Club, involves over 90 percent of the incoming class and includes over 300 student volunteers. It has roots that can be traced to humble beginnings over 90 years ago. In the near-century that has passed, the program has undergone numerous changes to shape it into its current form. 

Sophomore rush, ‘frat ban’ give freshmen unique Greek experience

(08/30/19 10:30am)

In 1978, “National Lampoon’s Animal House,” a comedy film that documents the ventures of several fictional fraternity brothers, was released. Chris Miller ’63, one of the movie’s writers, based parts of the movie on his personal experiences in Dartmouth’s former chapter of Alpha Delta. The film received critical praise, but its depiction of Greek life and party culture has entrenched a lasting negative reputation on the College. 

Sexual misconduct lawsuit against Dartmouth: a timeline of events

(08/30/19 10:15am)

Editor’s note: The class action lawsuit against the College about which this article is written concluded on Aug. 6 with an agreement for settlement. As of press time, the parties have requested a 15-day extension to file the Stipulation and Agreement of Settlement from the original Aug. 20 date. Many of the interviews featured in this article were conducted prior to when the settlement was reached.

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