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Dartmouth Soundoff: The Obligatory "I Discovered Something Cool Over Spring Break" Post

(03/27/13 8:00am)

Of course, WhoSampled has things that pretty much everybody knows, or could have figured out by reading the song’s Wikipedia page. For example, Jason DeRulo’s “Whatcha Say” sampled Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek." Kanye West used a clip from Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” in his track “Stronger." No secrets there.

Dartmouth Soundoff: Acoustic Covers, Pt. 2 — The Best of Youtube

(02/27/13 3:30pm)

Last week, I posted some acoustic covers by well-established artists. You don't have to be well-established, however, to cover a song. Acoustic covers are a significant portion of YouTube videos and range from middle schoolers who don't really know how to play guitar to high-budget, high-quality covers that leave you wondering why the performer doesn't have a more substantial career.

Dartmouth Soundoff: Stripped-Down Covers

(02/20/13 8:00am)

It’s either the most peaceful or the most chaotic part of the term, depending on how you look at it. We’re probably in the least ragey weeks of the calendar year, and when you can actually get facetime it’s in the library on Saturday evenings — and I’m not talking about cutting through Novack. (Well that might be sort of a stretch, depending on who you are.)

Dartmouth Soundoff: Stars releases free EP

(02/13/13 2:00pm)

I would bet that the two biggest music-related news events that campus cares about right now are this past Sunday’s Grammy Award performances (for everyone), and Azealia Banks’ new album (for the cooler half of everyone). So naturally, I’ll talk about something that has nothing to do with either. Azealia’s a little too high energy for me during post-Carnival week anyway — not that I won’t be downloading her album.

Dartmouth Soundoff: Winter Carnival Edition

(02/06/13 1:00pm)

With Winter Carnival starting today (oh wait, it doesn't officially start until Friday?), I thought I would post a few tracks that I would love to hear during my Winter Carnival 2013 escapades (read: when I go to frats). I'm not necessarily trying to rock anyone's world or stretch anyone's musical intellect with this week's column, so just humor me.

Dartmouth Soundoff: One and Done

(01/30/13 12:00pm)

You know what sucks? Hearing a great song and upon researching the artist realizing they only have put out one album. The situation only gets worse when you discover that the band has broken up, or the artist has died, or some other circumstances have occurred that will prevent any and all future music production. So, in response, I did the only thing I could do about it, and put together a list of the artists that have done this to me.

Cinephile: Oscar-Nominated Scores

(01/23/13 10:00am)

But no fear! There is another way to partake in the Oscar cultural conversation this winter. A free and multitasking-friendly method of aesthetically experiencing these films is to be become an authority on the Original Score category. All the cool kids are doing it — replacing the new Tame Impala album with John Williams, name-dropping Dario Marianelli and Alexandre Desplat instead of those oft-iterated directors. Besides, how many times have Steven Spielberg and Ang Lee been nominated before? Even David O. Russell — despite how unknown I Heart Huckabees (2004) and Three Kings (1999) remain — has become somewhat of a given at this point. Acquainting yourself with the Original Score category is the cinematic equivalent of reading Pitchfork.

Dartmouth Soundoff: A breakdown of my Pandora account by station

(01/17/13 2:00pm)

Hi Dartbeat readers! I'm Margarette, or Maggie to friends, and I now have the privilege of writing for y'all about one of the most important aspects of my life, music. To give everyone a chance to know me, I thought I'd give you all a glimpse into what I'm listening to. For someone who is as protective of my music tastes as I am, it's kind of like sharing my deepest darkest secrets--or something like that. Anyway, thanks for reading! Enjoy!

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