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Wien: An Excerpt

(05/24/17 6:15am)

Latika Sridhar ’16 came back this weekend for Green Key and performed with her band, Half the City. This past fall, she had a cameo role in my play “The Game,” where she played The Kid Who Lives in the Fieldhouse. Her speaking voice is just as musical as her singing one. Here is her character’s monologue:

Editors' Note

(05/24/17 6:05am)

Happy week 9, Mirror readers! In keeping with the theme of “performance,” the intrepid editors reflected upon their personal experiences with the performing arts. Lauren described herself as a “theater child” — in her second grade play about the Oregon Trail, she narrated the entire production, serving as the critical character “Old Feller #1.” May recalled her experiences in her middle school’s improv comedy troupe, most notably the time she acted as an idle tree. Lastly, Annette recollected her fifth grade Revolutionary War play in which each student impersonated a different historical figure. Annette, performing as Sybil Ludington, cracked an eye-roll-worthy joke: “Some people think of me as the female Paul Revere, but I prefer to think of him as the male Sybil Ludington,” generating quite a chuckle from an audience of videotaping parents. #peak

Through the Looking Glass: Voices in Film

(05/17/17 6:35am)

This past winter term I interned at Ambulante, an annual nonprofit, documentary film festival held in Mexico City. Mexican actors Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna founded the organization in 2005 as a way to showcase documentary film and feature documentaries from across Mexico. Every year the festival accepts over 100 films from around the world that focus on the theme of the festival. This year the festival’s theme was justice, and the accepted documentaries spoke to the complexities of what justice means and how it manifests itself through films that aim to document the lives of people, a moment or a memory. One of Ambulante’s main goals is to make documentary film accessible to everyone without economic, geographic or educational restraints. This is why most of their screenings are free and take place in community centers and national landmarks around the country.

Hypnotized in Hanover

(05/17/17 6:30am)

It was a typical rainy May afternoon when a certain Marko the Magician and Hypnotist paid Psychology 28, “Cognition,” a special visit. After professor Bill Kelley introduced Marko, the full auditorium was visibly jittery in anticipation of the alleged hypnosis that was about to occur. Marko, whose website reads, “Book Now — Marko will blow your mind!?!,” had the students giddy with excitement.

Editors' Note

(05/17/17 6:10am)

This week’s theme, vision, seems particularly apt in the last few nights before Green Key 2017 is upon us. All of us at the College have envisioned this weekend for an entire term now, perhaps even longer: we hoped it would bring an end to the cold weather, give us a break from midterm madness or even represent our last hurrah at the College (’17s, don’t go!)

Inside Palaeopitus

(05/10/17 6:35am)

It’s no secret: Palaeopitus Senior Society is made up of some extremely involved and dedicated Dartmouth seniors. As one of Dartmouth’s non-secret senior societies, Palaeopitus was formed in 1899 as a group of campus leaders whose purpose is to advocate for student interests to administrators. Current members Katherine McAvoy ’17, Jacob Casale ’17, Hannah Solomon ’17 and Christopher Yih ’17 explained what exactly the society does, what their class delegation has achieved and the challenges they face working in the society.

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