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Looking Into Last Chances

(05/23/18 6:30am)

Dartmouth is a school full of traditions and these traditions are what bind our community tightly together. Passionate alumni often revisit campus to share their tales of triumph, trial and tribulation. For some, a significant aspect of their “Dartmouth Experience” includes falling in love. (It seems like every week students can be found either running around fires, jumping in freezing ponds, pulling all-nighters to go to Lou’s Bakery or even confessing their unrequited crushes on Last Chances.)

A Brief Account of a Friday Night at Dartmouth’s Greek Houses — lessons learned and experiences gained

(05/18/18 7:50am)

Most of my Friday nights are spent according to a game plan adjusted based on social events put on by the College and the Greek system; I am no stranger to the different social spaces on campus. Since joining a Greek house, I have begun to become alienated from the party crowd that gravitates toward the big events organized by other houses. To refresh my memory and be able to record the student experience in some of campus’s most frequented social spaces, the Greek houses, I needed a guide.

Editor's Note: Blessings In Disguise

(05/16/18 6:40am)

Carolyn: I was disappointed to find out that I was randomly assigned to live in the River cluster — notoriously known as one of the worst dorms because of its distant location from the center of campus. I soon found that the long walk down Tuck Drive was worth it because of the unique community that organically sprung up there. I didn’t necessarily feel grateful for it while I was making the 20-minute trek to the River through the snow and hail, but looking back, I would now regard living in the River as a blessing in disguise, as I met some of my best friends there.

Diamonds In The Rough: Distribution Requirements

(05/16/18 6:25am)

Degree requirements at Dartmouth can sometimes be a pain. Students must fulfill 10 distributives, fulfill a language requirement, pass an English class, First-Year Seminar and three courses that satisfy World Culture Requirements, complete physical education courses, and pass a swim test. These requirements form a basis for the liberal arts education that Dartmouth prides itself on. While these requirements can be tough, they can also be a blessing in disguise.

Gain Through Pain: Dartmouth Athletes and Injuries

(05/16/18 6:35am)

They’ve made it. More than a decade of practice, games, tournaments and tryouts, and they have made it. Entering the fabled interior of Floren Varsity House, donning fresh Dartmouth Peak Performance gear, each is now a collegiate athlete — Division I — with four seasons stretching before them. But the years of practice necessary to be recruited take a considerable toll on athletes’ bodies. Once at Dartmouth, the intensity with which they compete sometimes leads to new physical trauma. Injury — a looming threat for any student athlete — can have far-reaching impacts on all facets of student life. Though perhaps not all is as bleak as it might seem.

All Roads Lead to Rome: Dartmouth in Entertainment

(05/16/18 6:30am)

Some students come to Dartmouth thinking that their next four years might resemble a movie. “Animal House,” understandably, first comes to mind. Even so, what overshadows and vindicates this wild identity is Dartmouth’s ability to produce successful alumni in the film industry. Life may not always feel like a movie at Dartmouth, but many here end up writing and directing their own.

Editor's Note

(05/09/18 6:25am)

This week, the Mirror explores the beautiful and beastly parts of campus, of Dartmouth and ourselves. Does beauty ever become beastly? When are beasts beautiful? In this issue we look at both sides of the coin, night and day, good and bad. We aim to find beauty in every beast and shed light on the beastly side of what we call beautiful. What are the beastly, or wild, aspects of campus? One might see evidence of the “untamed” parts by observing the strewn beer cans on Frat Row after a weekend full of parties, Theta Delta Chi fraternity at 2:30 a.m. or the Big Empty Meeting Area at midnight. While the beastly side only shows up every now and then, Dartmouth’s beauty is on full display every day. It’s in its expansive grounds, in the quiet peace of the Tower Room, the well-worn front steps of Robinson Hall. Most of all, it’s in the people — people’s smiles, hugs and friendly “Hellos.”

Buff: The Ideal Male Body?

(05/09/18 6:13am)

On any given morning, as I walk to my 9:00 a.m. class, I have a 50 percent chance of running into — that is, physically colliding with — someone running on the sidewalk. Dartmouth’s campus is filled with people being active, running, biking and playing frisbee on the Green. The weather barely registers; you’re just as likely to see someone jogging in the rain as in the 80 degree sunshine. It’s undeniable that Dartmouth’s student body is an unusually athletic one, with 75 percent of undergraduates participating in sports. With such an athletically-involved campus, I looked into whether or not the college’s active culture affects the body image of the men of Dartmouth. 

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